Halloween marijuana treats?

Weed Lore 2: Marijuana In Your Kid’s Halloween Candy

420 Culture

If you’re an American born in the 1970s or 80s like me, there’s a good chance you’ve received a healthy dose of Halloween candy fear mongering. Our parents and teachers warned us of nefarious strangers looking for creative ways to deceive unsuspecting children into ingesting illicit or dangerous substances. This myth was especially prevalent around this time of year, when …

old school bongs

Weed Lore Part 1: The Bong

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The posts in this series explore the history, legends, and lore of interesting events, devices, people, and stories in cannabis culture. The Water Pipe Everyone has their preferred method for ingesting their favorite form of cannabis, but the bong has held a special place in the human psyche for generations. Most recently made popular during the cultural revolution of the …


What’s the Story with Hashish?

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By Jessica Hooper In our last blog article, we provided a brief explanation and history of hashish, a form of cannabis derived from the ripe, resinous glands known as trichomes that cover the surface of the cannabis plant. Let’s take a deeper dive into the history and production of hashish to understand how lucky we are to have legal hash …

what is weed hash?

A Brief Lesson on Hashish

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Do you enjoy a fast and robust high as much as we do? If the answer is an enthusiastic yes, we have a treat for you! Hashish, or “hash” for short, is one of the oldest forms of cannabis production and consumption – and possibly the most unfamiliar legal marijuana product to weed lovers in California.  What is hashish? Hashish, …

marijuana ice cream parfait

420 Ice Cream Parfait Recipe

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Summer 2020 has left us with diminished resources in the entertainment department. With beaches off limits and air travel out of the question, SoCal stoners have to find creative ways to relax and unwind. Thanks be to Jah for legal weed in California! You’ve watched virtually every interesting episode that Netflix and Hulu has to offer, and you’ve mastered the …

How to Clean Your Pipe Without Breaking It

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We’ve all been there. You’re proudly cleaning your beloved glass pipe – and boom, it shatters, despite the care you took to avoid this unhappy situation.  This reminds me of an unfortunate event that happened to me and a fellow smoking buddy of mine. Let’s call him Jack. I was walking home from class one day with Mr. DeJesus in …

420-style in Orange County

What Your Weed Consumption Preference Might Say About You

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Weed has evolved. It’s a lot stronger than the grass your parents smoked at Woodstock. Variety has also increased dramatically: there’s a strain, potency level, and type of ingestion for virtually everyone. Flower, vaping, and edibles are just a few of the many legal marijuana choices we have in California. You’ve probably heard of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, but have …


Best Science Fiction Movies to Watch in Quarantine

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So, let’s say, you’ve just taken a monster bong hit (or several). While your body settles into a catatonic euphoria, your mind jumps into warp drive with some of the most profound and wildest thoughts you’ve ever had (or at least they feel that way at the time!) We think one of the best things to do when you’re this …


420 Quarantine Picnic

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The weather in southern California is gorgeous, and it’s picnic season! Don’t let social distancing ruin your Sunday Funday. Grab a blanket and pack a bowl of sticky weed goodness. Set up your Zoom camera, and treat yourself to a virtual picnic with friends from your backyard, balcony, or rooftop.   Everyone loves a good charcuterie board. Say it with me: …

corona weed

Can Cannabis Combat Coronavirus?

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If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you may have heard a few little birds chirping about cannabis being a possible prevention and defense against the dreaded novel COVID-19 virus, and it looks like they might actually be onto something. Emerging studies are beginning to point to something that we’ve known all along – that weed is actually …

weed delivery orange county ca

Marijuana Lover Movie Locations in Orange County

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How many times have you fired up a phatty and plugged into a home streaming marathon? Probably more times than you can count because weed and movies go together like peas and carrots. But you don’t always have to settle into the couchlock and be just an observer. Orange County has plenty of scenic movie locations that you can visit …

marijuana and covid-19

Quarantine Self-Care Tips for Stoners

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Extreme weather, hornets with a license to kill, and a pandemic are enough to derail even the most stable stoners. COVID-19 just plain sucks, and some of us are finding we have more free time than we did before the virus interrupted our lives. As we prepare for the worst and hope for the best, be sure to take time …

recycle vaped weed

How to Recycle Vaped Weed

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We’ve all been there: that moment when you realize that you’ve completely cashed your stash and you desperately need to re-up, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re at the end of the road…or the bowl. If you’ve been vaping your weed, you may be able to recycle your smoke.  The science behind the mythical everlasting bud depends on the …


What is dabbing, and is it right for me?

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Within the cannabis community, dabbing is known as a way to consume super-concentrated marijuana oil extracts. Dab extracts come in a variety of consistencies and textures under names like rosin, budder, bubble hash, wax, and shatter. Dabbing is becoming more popular because of its potency and effect on users. This is strong stuff, folks – and the latest dabbing gear …

meditate with weed

Better Meditation with Marijuana

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Meditation has been a worldwide practice for thousands of years. Chances are you’ve also tried meditating. Even if you’ve mastered the art of meditation, there’s one way to enhance your experience. You guessed it: with high-quality weed! Meditation and marijuana is a powerful combination that can enhance your mood, inspire you, and boost your sense of well being. But what …

Refill Your Weed Vape Like a Pro

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Maintaining your vape can sometimes feel complicated. Cleaning, charging, refilling…. It can be a little confusing at times, but that’s what we’re here for! Grab your favorite vape unit, and let’s dive into the step-by-step on how to fill your vape like a pro. There are many different vaping devices on the market today, and not all of them function …

clean bong water

Keep Your Bong Water Clean

420 Culture

There’s two types of people: Those that are adamant about keeping their stuff clean, and those that aren’t so much. We’re not here to judge, but rather, to educate. The maintenance and cleaning of your marijuana equipment for the most part depends on what kind of person you might be. Some people like to wash their bong with every use, …

cbd as cold remedy

CBD for Cold and Flu Relief

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Ahh… winter time. Also known as cold and flu season. With all the buzz around CBD nowadays, you may want to add cannabidiol to your medicine cabinet to help relieve discomfort associated with these common illnesses. Colds and flu can cause inflammation in the body. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and may provide relief cold and flu sufferers. Additionally, CBD can …

marijuana withdrawal

How Serious Are Cannabis Withdrawal Symptoms?

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If you conduct an internet search for “cannabis withdrawal,” you’ll find articles that reference cravings, mood swings, and sleep issues. You can also find drug war propaganda that suggests withdrawal is severe enough to require checking into rehab. You can safely regard that approach as hyperbolic.   Most weed users have voluntarily (or not) quit for a while at some time …

wake and bake 420

Kickstart Your Day with Coffee and Marijuana

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Wake and bake, the beloved phrase: the practice has been around since the dawn of sweet leaf. There is a certain special something about waking up to the aroma of marijuana and fresh brewed coffee. It’s a combination that can drive out the morning fog and spur creativity.  But with so many options out there, who has time to figure …

cbd oil

Enjoying Marijuana Without Combustion

420 Culture

It’s a great time to be a cannabis in fan in America! There is a wide variety of quality marijuana products all over the country. While cannabis isn’t yet legal on a federal level, a growing number of states are opening up to the idea of weed as a valid option for treating various conditions as well as for recreational …

yoga and cbd

Enhance Your Yoga Experience With CBD

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Whether you’re a bendy yogi who down dogs on the daily, or someone who dabbles in the occasional vinyasa, CBD (short for cannabidiol) can help take your game to the next level. As it turns out, CBD and yoga can be a great combination. From getting you in the right mindset to helping recovery from soreness, here are a few …

holidays and marijuana

Holiday Marijuana Hacks

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Oh boy – it’s that time of year again. Holiday cheer, festive meals, gathering, and returning home. No matter where you go, we have no doubt that your good friend marijuana will be making the trip too. Here are a few ways to survive your hometown trip with these cannabis lifehacks. You don’t want to be “that” person. You know, …

cannabis plant

Misconceptions about Marijuana and CBD

420 Culture

While it doesn’t get you high, cannabidiol (abbreviated CBD) is causing a buzz among experts and patients alike. There has been a surge of interest in CBD, a non-toxic compound that is derived from the marijuana plant. One quick search and you’ll find a virtually unlimited number of startups and internet retailers jumping on the CBD bandwagon. “It’s weed without …

mixing weed and alcohol

What Happens When You Mix Alcohol and Cannabis?

420 Culture

Cannabis and alcohol are two of the most widely-used drugs in the United States and around the globe. Some people stick to one or the other exclusively, but there’s a large demographic that likes to indulge in both weed and booze at the same time. Some people consume the two together to feel less anxiety in social functions, whereas others …

pot hangover

How to Ease Up a Marijuana Hangover

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So you finally got your hands on an edible for the weekend, you sly devil. You wait until Sunday afternoon to scarf it down and you have a wild time. That is, at least until the next morning when you wake up and you can’t quite pull yourself out of bed because you know, deep down inside, you still feel …

CBD and Anti-Aging

420 Culture

Free-radical damage plays a role in how skins ages. Think of free radicals as waste products that accumulate inside the body.  As free radicals build up, they can damage cells and cell tissues. Exposure to toxins, smog, and other environmental elements can lead to skin damage. Even food and drink can influence how our skin looks. Free radicals can precede …

dogs and edibles

What To Do If Your Dog Gets Into Your Weed Stash

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It’s a dog-eat-dog world – or in some cases, dog-eat-weed. Dogs will eat anything that fits into their mouth, regardless of how valuable it might be to you including marijuana. Canines have the unmistakable talent of locating the most inconvenient (read: expensive) things to turn into a chew toy, more so if the object in question is sweet and edible. …

weed plant

What’s The Right Marijuana Product For You?

420 Culture

Cannabis varieties come in all kinds of shapes, forms and availability. The right weed product for you, in particular, is the kind that provides an ideal dose for a desired duration while vibing with what your body is prepared to roll with. Check out this list of marijuana products for an overview. Cannabis is most commonly smoked through a pipe, …

edible buds

Tips For Cooking With Weed

420 Culture

Outdoor plants in particular can be tainted with grime, bacteria, or even bird poop. So first tip: Avoid dirty weed altogether by purchasing nugs from a reliable source. And to be extra sure, you can gently boil the nuggets. Yes, it sounds weird, but boiling water isn’t hot (or wet?) enough to damage with the cannabinoids that you’re using for …


Essential Tips for Marijuana Newbies

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It’s undeniable. Pot is more popular than ever. Every day, more folks are taking a first-time toke and finally beginning to understand what all those rap songs are about. Some people want to relax with something other than a glass of wine at the end of the day. Others may be seeking relief for a medical condition. Any reason to …

marijuana and doctor visits

The Answer is Yes: Tell Your Doctor the Truth

420 Culture

Coming clean about marijuana use is not always a good idea. But it’s time to get used to fessing up at the doctor’s office. When should you share information about consuming weed to healthcare professionals? What if you’re not asked about smoking, eating, drinking, or ingesting cannabis? A common medical question is “Do you use recreational drugs?” Did you ever …

marijuana infused products

Marijuana Everywhere – Yes, Even There

420 Culture

Joey Ramone wanted to be sedated but how about infused? You want to be infused with the ganja in every which way, and you can be. Even in your tampons. What?! Read on for the freakiest weed-infused products we could find. Yes, tampons, and the company is Foria. The cotton plugs are packed with THC for pain relief and CBD …

marijuana vape pens

What’s The Latest With Marijuana Vapes?

420 Culture

When cannabis vaporizer pens started to appear in weed dispensaries in 2016, the potential benefits they offered was exciting. The fact that you could smoke weed without leaving a trail of stink was practically revolutionary. The possibilities, mind-blowing. The only thing that can give you away really is the hacking cough that may accompany a way-too-long drag (or low-quality oil …

music and weed delivery

Happy Songs About Getting High!

420 Culture

Ever notice how music can change your mood? It’s kind of amazing. One minute you can be depressed, feeling really low, maybe totally lacking in get-up-and-go. Then you remember to switch on a tune, and all of a sudden you feel completely different! Music is a salve for your sad (or mad) soul. Not coincidentally, songs about getting high tend …

420 etiquette

Pot Party Etiquette: Good Marijuana Manners

420 Culture

Now that recreational marijuana is legal in California and 10 other states, there are some good manners users should be familiar with. For instance, if you’re attending a party, how do you ask about where to smoke? No doubt your host will let you know if this is a stoner party or not, but there are a few tips to …

TSA and marijuana

News from the World of Marijuana

420 Culture

Let’s get on the happy train with some fun cannabis news. Recent 420 stories we love: Tapping into the weed strain that dominated the inner world of the Grateful Dead and their audience in the early 1990s, drummer Mickey Hart is partnering with IC Collective to bring indica-dominant hybrid Chemdog to the marketplace in the form of mini-joints. The attractive …

weed ent gifts

7 Gifts for Marijuana Aficionados

420 Culture

Bookmark this 420 shopping list, and refer to it every time you need a gift. Any of these stoner items would make your best friend, your brother, your mother, your crush, or even yourself very happy. Deck your walls, hide your stash, and most importantly smoke up in style with our Top 7 favorite gifts for marijuana aficionados. Just like …

stoner beaches

420-Friendly Beach Vacations Around The World

420 Culture

Picture this. You’re sprawled on a lounge, and there’s a soft breeze blowing over your skin. The sun is warm, triggering the scent of sweet exotic flowers. Everything is perfect, except…well, you’re not allowed to partake of the yummiest plant of them all, Mary Jane. You’re in Indonesia, and if you’re caught with anything even remotely resembling illicit “narcotics,” you’ll …

forgot my pipe

How to Get High When You Forgot Your Tool

420 Culture

All you want is to do is get high. It’s 420 time. You’ve earned it after a day of stress, hassles, and tedium. You’ve dealt with some gnarly responsibilities, and you finally, finally found some weed and a cozy spot. Now it’s time to sesh. But wait, it can’t be, but it is – you’ve forgotten your smoking device. You …

orange county weed and music

Music, Marijuana, and Summertime in California!

420 Culture

It’s time to map out your event plans for early summer. Nothing better than making it about music, and this year’s festivals don’t disappoint! Music and marijuana enhance each other, and make your high even higher. Lucky you, both are in abundance. For a sticky green taste of the magical musical high times headed your way, check out this list. …

cannabis propaganda

A Century of Marijuana Slang and Propaganda

420 Culture

Since jazz players in the 1920s would be arrested for smoking joints in the alleys behind clubs, eluding law enforcement meant using code names and slang for marijuana. Some of the more comical monikers include muggles, mooter, tea, goof-butts, giggle-smokes, joy-smokes, moccah, ace, bag of bones, dank, catnip, cabbage, babysitter, righteous bush, doobie, finger lid, loaf, mexi, black gunion, leaf, …

The Beach Bum stoner movie

The Beach Bum: New Stoner Film with Matthew McConaughey

420 Culture

He’s the best. Best onscreen stoner, that is. His Texas accent fuels the fire that floats from the tip of his big fat blunt in every smokin’ movie he’s made. His newest, The Beach Bum, directed by the weirdest of the weird, Harmony Korine, is another chapter in the anthology of high hilarity McConaughey has brought to the big screen. …

orange county ganja creatives

Being Creative with Marijuana

420 Culture

Creativity and weed are best friends. Pair good smoke with painting, drawing, or gardening, and you’ll feel yourself epically relax, zone out, and forget all the BS. In fact, a blast of creativity plus a phatty can feel as good as a foot massage after a marathon. But what makes creative thinking and smoking the ganja feel so right? Comedian …

fender guitars and marijuana

Fender, Fullerton, Rock-n-Roll, and The Herb

420 Culture

1. What’s Weed + Fender guitars + Musicians? Mathematical genius. 2. If you’re a pothead and you can’t stop playing your Fender, does that mean you’re on a Fender bender? 3. Made in Orange County? What’s the Gross Domestic Product? Fender Guitars and Stoner Rock? All jokes aside, there’s something very Orange County about Fender guitars – possibly because the …

favorite 420 movies

Three Favorite High-larious Movie Scenes

420 Culture

How about watching movies while high? Dig it. How about watching movies with characters who are very high? Love it. Presenting three films guaranteed to hit you in the gut with a giggle fit. As Mel in Jackie Brown, Bridget wears a bikini in her stoner scenes, barely able to get it up enough to get dressed. Samuel L. Jackson …

CBD and Fido

Marijuana for Pets: Safe and Effective Options for Four-Legged Friends

420 Culture

If you’ve ever experienced a headache, sore muscles, sleeplessness, then you’ve probably turned to the healing powers of marijuana to feel better. But what happens if Fido isn’t feeling well, what happens then? The vet will most likely prescribe them pills, which can sometimes put pets into a doggy daze. There has to be a better solution, right? There is. …

Laguna Beach marijuana products

The Best Cannabis Products to Enjoy Life in Laguna Beach

420 Culture

By now, you’re probably aware of the budding cannabis industry (all the puns intended). It’s easy to find dry buds, pot brownies, hash oil, and more. But did you know that there are certain events that pair best with specific types of weed products? That’s right, enjoying life in Laguna Beach can take on many forms of activity and that …

After Legalization, Are Medical Marijuana Cards Still Required?

420 Culture

Now that recreational marijuana use is legal in California, do you still need a medical marijuana card? The answer is yes, no, and maybe. Here’s why. That’s right. While it’s legal to possess and smoke recreational marijuana, there are still bureaucratic hurdles at play that prevent immediate purchase. Specifically, the Bureau of Marijuana Control has until January 1, 2018 to …

Top Weed Delivery Apps in California

420 Culture

Movies aren’t the only things you can get delivered on demand these days… Introducing weed on-demand! Yup, you can easily get weed delivered on-demand in California with these top weed delivery apps and services. All you need is a marijuana card and a smart phone. Outside of our very own weed delivery service here at Bud Man OC that delivers to …

Online Pot Dispensaries: Buy Cannabis From Your TV Couch

420 Culture

Welcome to the 21st century. In today’s modern day and age we can easily browse movie options, research restaurants, and even get marijuana delivered – all from the convenience of our couch. Whether you opt for a smart phone, laptop, or desktop, getting what you want when you want has never been easier. By firing up your device, you have …