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What’s The Latest With Marijuana Vapes?

420 Culture

When cannabis vaporizer pens started to appear in weed dispensaries in 2016, the potential benefits they offered was exciting. The fact that you could smoke weed without leaving a trail of stink was practically revolutionary. The possibilities, mind-blowing. The only thing that can give you away really is the hacking cough that may accompany a way-too-long drag (or low-quality oil – see below)!

Ever since, marijuana vape pens have skyrocketed in popularity along with vaping product options. People can frequently be seen on the street, partaking of private puffing. Some designs allow users to completely hide the vape pen inside their hand and puff on what looks like a finger. Other vapes are more obvious when the sun hits the bright silver end of a battery – not so private. Then there are cartridges and batteries that come as a unit. Other vape batteries are proprietary and work only with their own proprietary cartridges. With so many options and brands and now even dedicated vaping shops, this is a good time to do a roundup and identify the best vape pen for you.

Privacy Please

Some vaping devices are so small, they can be completely covered by your hand – and they fit nicely into your wallet. Black designs stay hidden in the shadows of your palm. Private enough, you can vape outside your work building and not get busted. That will make the bus ride home much more pleasant.

All-in-One Vape Options

Convenient all-in-one handheld vaporizers have grown popular with their stylish packaging and imaginative marketing. Vape boutiques are even opening in southern California, featuring clean and minimalist presentation. New marijuana vaping products are changing the look of weed. One great brand on our radar is STNDRD.

Proprietary Vaping Products

Pax has been around for a while but seemed complicated and expensive until the Pax Era came along. We love the size, so private; and the ease of use. Instead of a wobbly 510-thread cartridge that can be tricky to screw in, there are exclusive cartridges called “pods” that pop in. Sounds tasty – and easy to find right here.

Vape Product Quality

Not all weed vaping brands are created equal. When a local budtender was recently asked why a particular brand is seen everywhere, even though the quality is lackluster, she described the brand as the “Budweiser of vaporizers.”

“They’re using lower quality extraction methods to make vaping oil faster and cheaper, which is why it’s not so smooth,” she informed us. So while the price may be the same for virtually all vaporizers, the one that gives you a cough that feels like your lungs are being torn apart isn’t your imagination, and it isn’t because you took a bad hit. Your reaction is real. Pay attention to it, and stick to brands that feel smooth. They might cost a little more, but they’re better made and smooth does not = low in THC. FACT.