Marijuana and Weed Delivery in Orange County

"Is there a marijuana delivery service near me?" If you live in or are visiting Orange County, California, we have good 420 news for you. The Bud Man OC weed delivery team fulfills marijuana orders 10am to 10pm every day of the year to locations throughout Orange County and nearby SoCal cities.

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Weed Delivery to Your Home, Workplace, or Hotel in OC

Bud Man OC Weed Delivery Is Your Mobile Dispensary

Weed and marijuana delivery service has taken on a unique role in Orange County and the state of California at large. Unlike many other legal cannabis states, cities and municipalities in California have the option to prohibit storefront marijuana dispensaries within their respective jurisdictions. As a result, many California weed lovers have no direct access to a retail cannabis shop. Nearly two-thirds of California cities do not permit retail cannabis dispensaries where customers can browse and inspect the stinky, sticky merchandise in person.

But just like during the pre-legalization days of yore: marijuana aficionados always find a way to access their beloved buds. In this case, legal marijuana delivery service has filled the vacuum left by restrictions on cannabis dispensary stores. All across California, including in Orange County, 420 enthusiasts can get marijuana products delivered to virtually any home, office, or hotel location – even if dispensaries are prohibited in their town! And thanks to recent rulings by the Bureau of Cannabis Control and California Supreme Court, weed delivery services now enjoy full protection under California law. Local jurisdictions may not place restrictions or prohibitions on marijuana delivery to privates residences, workplaces, or hotels/Airbnb rentals.