CBD and Fido

Marijuana for Pets: Safe and Effective Options for Four-Legged Friends

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If you’ve ever experienced a headache, sore muscles, sleeplessness, then you’ve probably turned to the healing powers of marijuana to feel better. But what happens if Fido isn’t feeling well, what happens then? The vet will most likely prescribe them pills, which can sometimes put pets into a doggy daze. There has to be a better solution, right?

There is. What if you can treat your dog the way you would treat yourself? Well, you can!

Dogs have the same natural cannabinoid receptors as humans do. This means there is strong scientific evidence suggesting marijuana could greatly help heal our dogs just as it does for us, humans.

What Is and Isn’t Legal

As we’ve established, cannabis can help pets too, since they are equally as receptive to cannabinoid as humans. But is it legal? Well… yes and no.

Yes, pet owners can legally purchase and give CBD to their pets in legalized states like California. But note that this is not a federal law as cannabis legalization differs state to state.

No, veterinarians are not legally allowed to give pet owners advice, recommendations, or prescriptions regarding the use of cannabis — even in legalized states like California.

What the Pros Say

Even though vets are prohibited from recommending cannabis to pets, it doesn’t mean that they don’t want to. In fact, there’s a growing movement among professional veterinarians to change the regulations, allowing vets to oversee cannabis use for animals.

But it should be noted that while CBD can provide relief to pets, the psychoactive compound found in weed, also known as THC, can be dangerous to animals.

Per the SF Gate, “There is an impression that cannabis is 100 percent safe… This is not true, especially in pets. … An overdose of cannabis can lead to loss of balance, loss of appetite and sometimes collapse. In rare cases, an overdose of cannabis can be fatal.” Long story short, don’t get your dog high. Stick to professional, high-quality CBD pet products for safety’s sake.

What CBD Can Help With

Wondering how CBD can help animals? Surprise, it’s not too dissimilar from how CBD helps humans! From anxiety relief, pain control, lessened seizures, and more — our pets often suffer from the same ailments as we do and CBD can help them just as it does us.  

Pet specific benefits also include relief from noise phobia (perfect for Fourth of July fireworks), constant scratching, and arthritis (helpful for older pets that need to climb up and down stairs).

What You Can Feed Your Pets

Like we said above, do NOT — repeat — do NOT get your pet high. Instead, turn to professional-grade CBD treats to help with their pain and anxiety. Here are our top picks below:

Hemp Oil

Easy to administer for dogs and cats. Helps with allergies, separation anxiety, arthritis, and more.

Pet Treats

All-natural treats infused with CBD. Chemical-, additive-, filler-, and preservative-free. Ideal for pain, seizures, cancer, inflammation, and more.

Treat Supplements

Fast-acting pet treats with flavors dogs love. Helps dogs maintain their calm energy  stressful situations.

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