Fun Things to do This Summer While High in Southern California

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Summer in southern California is hot, hot, hot. But also, fun, fun, fun! Especially when high-quality, premium weed delivery is involved. Outside of going to the beach, take full advantage of sunny California by exploring all there is to see, do, and eat this summer. Just be sure to pack the weed along with your travels for a heightened sense of adventure.

Cool off at a Water Park

When temps hit summertime highs, it’s time to turn your sights to Raging Waters. This 60-acre waterpark is California’s largest waterpark and is recognized by USA Today as a “Top 10 Water Park.” It’s the perfect way to find relief from the heat. And thanks to the more than 50 world-class rides, slides, and attractions, it’s the ideal way to ride out an epic high. Try imbibing in edibles for a longer high that will sustain an entire afternoon of fun times at the park.

Watch Movies in the Park

Thank you Thrillist for the all-inclusive list of every free outdoor movie playing in Los Angeles this summer! Movies in the park are an awesome way to spend some quality time with some special people. And when you throw a dutchie in the mix, it’s sure to be a crowd-pleasing good time. While the weed is a must, also bring along some wine, cheese, and blankets for an evening of enjoyment.   

Visit Griffith Park Observatory

Griffith Park is a gorgeous place to spend the day. Come to hike, learn about space, and catch a show at the planetarium. Their state-of-the-art planetarium is the finest in the world. Every show features a live storyteller, comfortable seating, and surround sound. This experience alone is an all-encompassing adventure that satisfies multiple senses. It’s a vivid 360 degree visual display with expertly executed theatrical lighting and a quality sound system. While it’s fantastic on its own, it’s an experience that is even more intense thanks to weed.

Take in a Food & Wine Festival

When you’re stoned, everything just tastes better. So imagine how mind-blowingly good food and wine will taste at an actual food & wine festival! Happening this July 2nd, the Culver City Centennial Food/Wine Festival presented by Wescom is where you can enjoy 15-20 of the greatest restaurants and food vendors and 15-20 wine/spirit and craft beer vendors. Find purveyors like Mayura Indian, LA Gastronomy, Public School, Martian Winery, Plough Family Winery, Spa Girl Vodka, Rock and Roll Tequila, Naked Juice Truck, and plenty more.

This outdoor/indoor charity event also includes free chair massages, music, photo booths, and giveaways. Come for a wonderful way to indulge this summer.  

Cool Events for a Hot SoCal Summer

Like you already know, summer in Southern California is HOT. But now thanks to these fun, outdoors events, summer in SoCal is cooler than ever! Treat yourself to an entertaining June and beyond when you hit up these LA hotspots — and be sure to pack along your old friend Mary Jane for an even better time this season.