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I’m feeling burnt out, so what should I burn?

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weed-budtenderWhen I don’t want to be totally knocked out and I just need to melt away the burdens of the day, I tend to prefer the effects of most indica-hybrid weed strains. I enjoy the slight sense of euphoria from the sativa parent genetics – without experiencing the overly racy effects of a pure sativa. Thank you to Gushers and Platinum Cookies for saving the day! I ease back into my comfy smoking space and roll up a celebratory “the day is over” joint. Sparking up with elation and totally grateful for the soon to be relief I will gain. 

One hit, two hits, three hits, four – and there go my troubles right out the door.

Obviously not gone for long, but I am allowed time to rest my mind and let my body feel at ease, right? Don’t we all need some of that? What works for me may not work for you, but I highly encourage you to explore the many benefits Miss Mary Jane can bring. 

My relationship with weed has always included alleviating stress. The best way for me to keep track of strains I like – especially when they’re really popular and sell out fast and I need something similar – is to pay attention to the terpene qualities of flowers. You may not find that exact match but getting closer versus further, especially if you’re paying for something, is a much better outcome than a botched purchase. 

Most people overlook their personal relationship to cannabis thinking that we all experience the same thing for each flower. Absolutely not true: As a California budtender with many years in different phases of cannabis accessibility, I have met many weed lovers who experience different effects than what the majority of what others experience. Your relationship with marijuana is unique, and don’t feel weird if the sensations you feel are  not like everyone else’s. It’s not a big deal: just chill and do you, and you’ll find what works and what doesn’t through your own personal experiences. 

Good luck on your quest for the perfect, relaxing, after-work high! 

<3 MKR