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Day in the Life of an Unemployed Stoner

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By J.L. Grey Unemployed Wake and Bake My alarm went off at 8:15am. Still groggy from a long night of loud neighbors disrupting my slumber, I rolled over with phone in hand and began to scroll through Instagram. I remembered that I’m unemployed, so I reached toward the nightstand for my pipe and took a morning puff of Peanut Butter …

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My Pandemic Weed Journey

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By J.L. Grey During the early days of the Covid pandemic, I took a break from cannabis in all forms: no edibles and no smoke. I noticed I was having panic attacks and tension in my body whenever I smoked. Sure, cannabis is more potent than it ever was, but this reaction to pot was highly unusual for me. I …

Malibu Kush Sunset Sesh

A Sunset Smoke on the Beach

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Today I feel like a solo mission down to the beach to catch an epic gradient of colors in the sky. I’ve been pretty moody from the work week and some grounding time away from the crowd is definitely called for. I check the Bud Man OC menu to see what flowers are calling to me and decide on some …