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What’s The Right Marijuana Product For You?

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Cannabis varieties come in all kinds of shapes, forms and availability. The right weed product for you, in particular, is the kind that provides an ideal dose for a desired duration while vibing with what your body is prepared to roll with. Check out this list of marijuana products for an overview.

Smoking and Vaping

Cannabis is most commonly smoked through a pipe, joint, or smoking device. When the smoke is inhaled, CBD, THC, and other compounds are absorbed through the lungs and into the blood, where it then enters the brain. You’ll feel high within minutes, and the feeling will last 2-3 hours. Keep in mind that smoke contains noxious substances that can irritate your lungs, which might not be best if you have a cough. Alternatively, you can vaporize with a vape pen or other vaping device, which has the same benefits as smoking without burning anything.

Edibles, Tinctures, Capsules, and Juices

Edibles, as the name implies, are foods prepared with cannabis-infused oils and/or butter. After consumption, effects can last up to 4-6 hours. Unlike smoking, orally consumed weed can takes longer to kick in – about 30-90 minutes. This slow build up and longer duration make edibles a good way to stay medicated throughout the day. Be sure to take it slow, start small, and wait at least an hour before consuming more. Tinctures and gel capsules have a duration and dosing similar to edibles and can be used as an alternative to food. Dosing with juices is more difficult to gauge but can come with a variety of healthy benefits, depending on the drink.

For Sleep and Relaxation: Cannabis Tea

Cannabis prepared as an herbal tea has a tamer version of CBD and THC known as CBDA and THCA, respectively. These are known as their “raw” forms. Since the heat in tea is less than necessary for decarbing (the process in which CBDA and THCA are essentially cooked and transformed into their more familiar CBD and THC forms), cannabis tea goes a little easier on the brain. It doesn’t cause a high like the other methods because cannabinoid acids don’t bind with receptors in the brain the same way as THC molecules. This makes marijuana tea perfect for relaxing.

For the Skin: Marijuana Topicals & Salves

Cannabis oil and tinctures can be infused into a balm or lotion for direct application to the skin. Users report that cannabis topicals can help pain, inflammation, infections, and other skin conditions. And since they are applied externally, topical ointments and salves won’t get you high. Sometimes that’s for the better. There are virtually endless varieties of marijuana products and ways to consume weed. Do a bit of research or call us at Bud Man for recommendations You’re sure to find the right kind of weed for your needs!