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How to Come Down When You’re Too Damn High

420 Culture

Most weed aficionados have been there, and it can happen whether you’re a rookie or experienced veteran. You only had a few bites of your friend’s famous weed brownie, or you thought one hit of that dank dab wouldn’t be enough to send you over the edge. Or maybe the bong hit you back.

Either way, it happened, and now you’re freaking out inside your head. You’ve either been high for too long, or you’re just too damn high. Hours feel like days, and you’re ready for the bad trip to be over. 

First things first. If you’re high AF right now, your mind may be entering the paranoid zone. Rest assured, you’re going to be all right. No one has ever died from too much THC. We repeat: you’re going to be okay! 

Luckily, fellow potheads have identified some remedies to counteract being too damn high. You can try one of these methods, or just drink some water and sit your ass on the couch: 

CBD Can Calm You Down

If you’re too high or have been high for too long, you’re probably feeling anxiety. CBD can help calm your nerves while you’re in the process of sobering up by countering and balancing the psychoactive effects of the THC. 

The Soothing Scent of Lemon Oil

Harness the power of scent to help you come back from ganja land. Concentrated lemon oil is both energizing and grounding while having anti-anxiety effects, all of which can help you reconnect with reality and balance your high. 

The Mysterious Power of Peppercorn

This old school trick has some scientific backing: beta-caryophyllene, a compound found in peppercorns, can counter the anxiety you feel when you’ve had too much THC. Gently sniff (whole, not ground) peppercorns, or if your tongue is feeling brave, gently chew on the peppercorns. 

Get Busy Child

Look around and find something to do. If something sounds fun, like playing a video game, do that. Or you may notice the dishes are piled up: if you’ve got the energy, get 'em done! Feeling productive and focused will make time pass more quickly and provide some order to what otherwise feels like chaos. 

Indulge in Food and Drink

The concept is similar to having too much to drink: hydration and food help you get past the worst of it. Eat something that’s high in fat, and drink either plain water or a drink with electrolytes. But don’t chug and overhydrate, as this can flush your body of essential nutrients. 

Find a High Quality Support Buddy

Nothing is worse than being totally alone when you feel like you’re not coming back from outer space. Call a trusted friend who always has your back, and let them know you’re too damn high. If you can be with someone in person, let them know what you need: could be a hug, a laugh, or just some verbal comforting. Avoid people who are not 420-friendly. 

Safety Meeting

Remind yourself that you’re having a temporary experience. Your heart will not stop, and you’ll come back down from the high eventually. Focus on your breath and give yourself a safety meeting. 

These strategies can be helpful when you're too damn high, but there’s no surefire solution that works for everyone. You may just have to wait until the weed lifts and you come back to Earth. 

Avoid operating a vehicle, heavy machinery, or tackling any big problems while you’re high. If you’re worried about work, take a sick day because you’re too damn high. 

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