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Better Meditation with Marijuana

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Meditation has been a worldwide practice for thousands of years. Chances are you’ve also tried meditating. Even if you’ve mastered the art of meditation, there’s one way to enhance your experience. You guessed it: with high-quality weed!

Meditation and marijuana is a powerful combination that can enhance your mood, inspire you, and boost your sense of well being. But what about the science behind mindfulness and marijuana?

Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation can produce both mental and physical benefits. But with cannabis, you may find it easier to mediate longer, deeper, less distraction-prone, and with more enrichment. Of course, these lessons apply to beginners as much as meditation veterans, regardless of age or gender.

Benefits often associated with meditation include stress relief, decreased anxiety, reduced pain, and improved memory. In addition, some meditators report lower blood pressure, reduced heart rate, and improved circulation.

How Does Marijuana Enhance Meditation and Mindfulness?

Different types of meditation have developed around the world – from Tibetan to Zen traditions. Explore different approaches, and find the practice that feels right for you. One of the most popular forms is “guided meditation.” Guided sessions are appealing to new meditators. Consume a bit of weed before your sit and off you go.

If you’ve never tried meditation, now is a great time to get started. All you need is a few minutes of quiet and willingness to approach the session with an open mind. Cannabis can make your meditative journeys more fulfilling and productive.

Consider trying meditatation with cannabis. You may find you experience a mood boost, more energy, and less anxiety with weed-enhanced meditation.