What is dabbing, and is it right for me?

420 Culture

Within the cannabis community, dabbing is known as a way to consume super-concentrated marijuana oil extracts. Dab extracts come in a variety of consistencies and textures under names like rosin, budder, bubble hash, wax, and shatter. Dabbing is becoming more popular because of its potency and effect on users. This is strong stuff, folks – and the latest dabbing gear makes it easier than ever to get really high, really fast. 

Although growing in popularity, dabbing is not for everyone. But for many 420 connoisseurs,  dabbing is best option for ultimate marijuana enjoyment. Here are a few reasons you might what to try cannabis contrates like shatter and wax.

Dabs Get You High Fast

Dabbing is not like edibles, which take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours until the THC effects kick in. By contrast, a dab hits users almost instantaneously. From the moment the vapor enters your lungs, you’ll begin to experience a strong high. If time is of the essence, and you need to get high quickly, dabbing an effective option.

Concentrates Contain Higher THC Potency Than Flower or Vapes

While smoking a blunt can also hit users quickly, the THC content is significanlty less than a dab. While weed in general has gotten stronger over the years, current cannabis strains rarely surpass 30% THC potency. With dabs on the other hand, you’ll find that the potency tends to double – or even triple – even the most potent marijuana flower. It’s a common criticism that dabs are too powerful for some people. This underscores the fact that dabbing can get the job done more efficiently with less marijuana product.

Easy Marijuana Consumption

In the past, dabbing meant investing in a pricey rig that was intricate and resembled a large bong. The size and complexity made the process too cumbersome for some weed lovers and too expensive for others. The situation has changed in recent years. Dab rigs have shrunk in both size and cost. The large dab rigs of old are still available, but in general most have scaled down to handheld size. Some are even electronic, eliminating the need for a torch while still providing a helluva THC kick.

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