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Sex with Mary Jane

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If you’ve never indulged in marijuana just before sexy time, you might be wondering what effect it will have on your pleasure and performance. Turns out, sex with Mary Jane can be pretty amazing. Many stoners end up bragging to their friends about the incredible sensations of sex after smoking. But for others, weed might be a distraction at just the wrong time.

Heightened Sensations While High

Smoking weed or consuming edibles can lead to enhanced sexual experiences. Both men and women report a positive responses when having sex while high:

  • Increased tactile sensitivity
  • Deeper and longer orgasms
  • Faster arousal
  • Increased desire for your partner
  • Feeling more relaxed and present with your partner
  • Longer sex sessions

More intense sexual pleasure is particularly noteworthy among women. In a 2017 study from the Journal of Sexual Medicine, a clear majority of women reported increased sex drive, deeper and more numerous orgasms – with no changes in vaginal lubrication – when high on weed during sex. 

How Does Weed Affect Men?

Most men also report a heightened desire and pleasure when using cannabis before sexual activity. But the results aren’t always positive for everyone: some men can have a harder time getting hard. However, according to a meta-analysis from the National Library of Medicine, there is no evidence to support that marijiuana has an adverse effect on men’s ability to achieve and maintain erections. However, we all know too much weed can make you paranoid – and anxiety is the primary cause of erectile dysfunction among men.

Every individual will have a different experience with weed and sexy time, so the best way to find out is to try it for yourself. Discuss combining marijuana and sex with your partner, and embark with a spirit of exploration!

Getting Off on Marijuana

Masturbation is a great way to experiment with how marijuana will affect your body and sexual function.  Even if you don’t have a sex partner, you can experience some of the same effects with your right (or left) hand friend: enhanced sensations, deeper pleasure, and a feeling of being present with your body. Some men report both longer erections and orgasms. 

Weeds Strains for the Best Bang

So which cannabis strains are best for sex? We recommend indica-dominant strains with a high level of THC. Indica-dominant varieties produce more pronounced body sensations that can heighten your feeling of sensuality and help you feel more present with your partner and more comfortable with your body. Strains that contain CBD can also enhance physical sensations.

Getting Naughty with Mary Jane

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