Brand Guide for Papa & Barkley Edibles and Ingestibles

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Shop Papa & Barkley Products Named after brand founder Adam Grossman’s father and his beloved dog Barkley, “Papa & Barkley” was created with the goal of providing smoke-free relief options. In fact, providing relief continues to be the brand’s ultimate goal ever since Adam cooked up the first version of cannabis-infused Releaf Balm to help relieve his father’s debilitating back …

Sensi edible cannabis product guide

Brand Guide for Sensi Cannabis Products

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The Sensi brand offers a wide variety of edible cannabis products. All Sensi products are made with the highest quality, natural ingredients. Read on to learn what makes each Sensi product unique.  What Makes Sensi cannabis edibles unique? Sensi stands apart from competitors by using scientific research in its formulations. The result is effective, potent edibles that are natural, discreet, …

kanha edible marijuana brand-guide

Buyer’s Guide: Kanha Cannabis Edibles

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Can cannabis enhance spirituality? The founders of Kanha edibles believe it can! Edible marijuana is a reliable and discreet way to elevate your daily experience of life – and the product specialists at Kanha have perfected the art of smoke-free weed enjoyment. If you’re curious about the delicious world of Kanha cannabis treats, we’ve created a brand guide for their …

Jeeter joints orange county

What Is a Jeeter Joint?

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If you’ve never heard of a Jeeter joint before, you might be wondering what in the juice it is. Unless, of course, you’re from Florida and have heard the term used to describe a joint, as in “Pass that jeeter!”   Jeeter Joints also refers to the California-based marijuana pre-roll and vape brand Jeeter. Although its playful name is borrowed from …