truffle butter weed strain

Weed Strain Review: Truffle Butter Is Like No Other

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Type: Indica-Dominant Hybrid, 70% THC: High, 34.1% Appearance: Shades of lilac, forest green, amber Aroma: Earthy, caramel Flavor: Coffee, vanilla Mouthfeel: Dry and sweet Head effect: Euphoric, uplifting Body effect: Sedating, arousing, restful Summary: The Truffle Butter strain is partially known for its sweet coffee and caramel flavor and aroma. Aside from being a nose and palate pleaser, this strain …

Jeeter joints orange county

What Is a Jeeter Joint?

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If you’ve never heard of a Jeeter joint before, you might be wondering what in the juice it is. Unless, of course, you’re from Florida and have heard the term used to describe a joint, as in “Pass that jeeter!”   Jeeter Joints also refers to the California-based marijuana pre-roll and vape brand Jeeter. Although its playful name is borrowed from …

edibles cannabutter

Take Back Your Saturday with Pre-Made Cannabutter

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The Cookie Factory’s Canna Butter for Perfect Edibles Edibles are a convenient, smoke-free way to get high, and behind every potent edible is the real star of the show: cannabis-infused butter. Making weed butter, or “cannabutter,” from scratch is a time-consuming and sometimes finicky process. Both the bud and the butter are susceptible to burning, so temperatures need to be …

Sugar Cookes Review image

Weed Strain Review: Sugar Cookies

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Weed Strain Review: Sugar Cookies are Suh-weet Flower Strain Profile Type: 50/50 hybrid THC: 22% Appearance: Frosty, bright green with orange-gold pistils Aroma: Sweet and woody Flavor: Butter, coffee, vanilla  Head effect: Uplifting, euphoric Body effect: Relaxing, sedative Summary: Sugar Cookies is a unique 50/50 hybrid strain with powerful, fact-acting effects, yet it’s balanced enough for everyday enjoyment. The sweet …

Strain Review Pop Rox

Weed Strain Review: Pop Rox Indica

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Pop Rox Strain Profile Type: 70% Indica-Dominant Hybrid  THC: Average 15-20% Appearance: Shades of lilac, forest green Aroma: Sweet and fruity Flavor: Candy-sweet with full fruit flavor Mouthfeel: Floral, dry Head effect: Euphoric, instantaneous  Body effect: Relaxed, tingling, restful Summary: A rare, top-shelf indica-dominant strain that tastes and smells fruity, delivers a tingling sense of euphoria, and sparks creativity. Ideal …

scooby snacks weed strain review

Scooby-Dooby-Doo This Strain!

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Scooby Snacks Flower Strain Profile Heritage: 50/50 Indica/Sativa Hybrid THC content: 33.5% Appearance: Bright green with orange pistils  Aroma: Coffee, earthy, herbal Flavor: Sweet berry, lemon, pine Mouthfeel: Dry and lemony Head effect: Happy, euphoric Body effects: Melty, relaxing  This popular strain is a balanced yet powerful hybrid indica/sativa blend with euphoric head and body effects. Great after a work …


Weed Strain Review: Black Mamba

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Black Mamba’s Got Bite Type:Indica-dominant  Indica: 70% Sativa: 30% THC: 15%-25% Appearance: Curly with dark leaves Aroma: Skunky with a hint of grape Flavor: Smooth and sweet Mouthfeel: Dry-leaning  Head effect: Euphoric Body effect: Powerful and euphoric  Summary: Black Mamba is one of the best strains for achieving relaxation and euphoric body sensations. The powerful body effects are balanced by …

she devil marijuana strain review

Weed Strain Review: She Devil is Heavenly

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What is the She Devil weed strain like? Type: Indica hybrid THC: 36.1% Appearance: Multi-colored; shades of green, purple, and gold Aroma: Earthy and moist Flavor: Sweet and grassy Mouthfeel: Moist and dewy Head effect: Happiness-inducing Body effect: Ultimate relaxation and warmth Summary: A potent, top-shelf hybrid indica, and a real treat that’s worth the investment.This strain boasts a high …

gelato dream weed strain

Weed Strain Review: Gelato Dream Hits the Sweet Spot

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How is the Gelato Dream Weed Strain? Type: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid Sativa: 70% Indica: 30% Appearance: Dark pine with violet tones Aroma: Earthy with a hint of citrus Flavor: Fruity and creamy Mouthfeel: Highly salivating, tongue tickler Head effect: Uplifting/energizing Body effect: Pain relief Summary: Great to light up alone or with company; helps shift perspective when you’re feeling down in …