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How to Keep Coughing to a Minimum

420 Culture

We understand. You want to get down and dirty right from the start and hit the bong like Dave in Half Baked. But that’s how newbies go wrong and end up coughing their head off. Nothing makes you look more amateurish than coughing up a lung after each hit. The feeling of dread as your face and eyes turn beet red, and your coughs sound like a genuine struggle for life. Nobody wants to look like a novice. Lucky for you, there are a few ways to reduce coughing and but still get you plenty high.

Getting High Is Not a Competition

When taking bong hits, think small to diminish unpleasant coughing fits. Never be afraid to be less ambitious than everyone else, if that’s what you need to keep cool. It might be natural instinct to take a big hit right off the bat, and that’s where most newbies go wrong. You need a bit of practice to get just the right size hit. True pros know their limits.

Inhale Deeply

Another pro move to keep your lungs inside your chest is to inhale deeply after taking a hit. A common rookie mistake is hesitating to suck the smoke down immediately. Letting it linger in the throat is a surefire way to make your body go haywire in its fight for survival. Furthermore, taking all the smoke in allows you to maximize the buzz and get higher longer.

Marijuana Quality Matters

This may seem obvious but better quality weed is nicer to smoke. Black market weed can contain extraneous ingredients like pesticides that can make even the small tokes feel harsh. If you’re anything like us, you don’t want to smoke tainted grass. Fortuneately, it’s easy to avoid impure ganja. Just be sure to get your weed from state-licensed dispensaries. All California cannabis dispensaries and delivery companies are subject to regulation and testing protocols, so you can breathe easy knowing your weed is clean. Clean cannabis equals less coughing.

Inhaling Smoke Is Not The Only Option

All that said, some folks just aren’t fit for smoking. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how good the weed is or how small the hits are. Some people are doomed to cough themselves into tomato-faced oblivion every time they indulge. But don’t worry if you find yourself suffering every time you hit the bong. The answer is simple: use marijuana products that don’t involve smoking. There lots of smoke-free cannabis ingestion options out there. Grab yourself some pot edibles or try a vaporizer!