Essential Tips for Marijuana Newbies

420 Culture

It’s undeniable. Pot is more popular than ever. Every day, more folks are taking a first-time toke and finally beginning to understand what all those rap songs are about. Some people want to relax with something other than a glass of wine at the end of the day. Any reason to consume weed is a good one, but one fact remains: have a bad first time with Mary Jane, and it might be your last.

Marijuana is a mind-altering substance, and it can sometimes trigger feelings of anxiety. It’s a classic case of too much of a good thing. The sensation of being high affects different people in different ways. Before you take a killer bong hit, get hip to the ganja facts with our quick first tips – so you can avoid any uncomfortable feelings during your first session.

What are the three basic types of cannabis?

There are three types of marijuana strains to enjoy, and each delivers a different kind of high and sensation:

  • Cannabis Indica: Known for making you feel drowsy or causing you to rip your kitchen to shreds in search of snacks. Described as a “body high." Known colloquially as "in da couch."
  • Cannabis Sativa: A more cerebral experience. Users describe feeling being creative and having lower inhibitions, often described as a “head high." Sativas are great for creativity, being active, and social events.
  • Cannabis Hybrid: A cross between indica and sativa varieties. Hybrids are a good option for newbies to feel a full-body bonanza without getting too sedated or paranoid from the more homogeneous strains.

No marijuana strain is better than any other. It all comes down to personal preference. Experiment and investigate! The journey is half the fun. You may find that you prefer different weed strains for different situations and times of day. Many cannabis lovers would classify sativa strains as daytime weed and indica strains as evening and nighttime weed.

What are some tools for smoking weed?

In order to experience the most enjoyable marijuana high, you’re going to need some gear. Here's a quick glossary of weed smoking devices:

Joint – Marijuana cigarette rolled in paper. This may be a old-school pinner joint – or an Amsterdam-style conical joint. Sometimes called a "spliff."

Pipe – Also a traditional method of weed consumption. Pot pipes may come in glass, metal, or ceramic. Pipes are good for "hit it and quit it" moments when discretion is advisable or you are on the go. Examples of pot pipe moments include concerts, hiking or camping, waiting for the bus, or a picnic on the beach.

Bong – A water pipe for smoking weed. While bongs are bigger and usually not easy to transport, they also offer a smoother, cleaner smoke than pipes or joints. Be careful with your first bong hit though: If you take too big of a hit, you might get "snake bit" and find yourself coughing uncontrollably for a couple of minutes. Keep in mind that bongs are have larger chambers and deliver more smoke to your lungs than a blunt or pipe – so take it easy and don’t take a monster hit if you're cautious. You'll be okay – and higher than a California redwood – just keep breathing and enjoy the onset of your lovely high.

One-Hitter – A small, discreet single-hit pipe, also known as a "hitter" – Hitters are ideal when discretion is of utmost importance. Often camouflaged as tobacco cigarettes, hitters are great for quick sessions on-the-go or in situations where openly smoking weed is questionable.

How to Prepare Your Weed for Smoking

Break up your bud into small pieces. We recommend using an herb grinder to prepare your marijuana flower. Place the weed crumbles into a rolling paper or blunt wrapper, and wrap it up! Or gently pack the weed crumbles into the bowl on your pipe or bong. Light up and inhale.

How to Smoke Weed

Blunts, joints, and spliffs are popular ways to smoke and the most traditional methods for consuming weed. Alternatively, you can pack a pipe or a bong bowl to ingest smoke. Using a pipe or bong is easier than rolling a joint. Just keep it clean and it will be ready to sesh whenever you are. Keep in mind that bongs are have larger chambers and deliver more smoke to your lungs than a blunt or pipe – so take it easy and don’t take a monster hit your first time.

If you choose to use a bong, start with one or two smaller hits that don’t completely fill the tube. Inhale the smoke and release. Let the high settle in; if you another hit after 15 minutes, load up the bowl, and hit it again. Take your time and get to a good place. Then play some Super Mario, listen to Billy Idol, or watch Dave Chappelle.

Marijuana Edibles

Edibles are growing rapidly in popularity, partly because they are discreet and smoke free. Edibles, as the name suggests, are consumed orally as various forms of food. Cookies, chocolates, gummy bears – virtually anything that can carry THC, the molecule that gets you high. If you decide to start your cannabis journey with an edible, start by consuming very small amounts. Only eat more if you feel nothing after a full hour, when it's safe to take another small bite. No matter how delicious that weed-infused queso cheese dip is. Crossing the line with edibles can happen unexpectedly, and when it does, it’s no fun: the effects can linger for hours.

Cannabis Dabbing

Dabbing is like the bigger, older, arm-wrestling cousin to smoking. A dab rig has a similar design to a bong, but uses concentrated THC instead of plant buds. Dabbing can be extremely potent. If you’ve never gotten high before and someone suggests a dab, the smart play is to tread lightly. Very lightly. Weed dabs are out of the wheelhouse for new recruits. That said, if you decide to try marijuana for the first time with a dab, take just one small hit to start. Trust us, you’ll thank us later.

Marijuana and Alcohol

Don’t mix weed and liquor, as least for your first time. People tend to be tempted by new vices while drunk, and smoking pot is not the best idea if you’re blowing a 0.19 BAC. For starters, there’s a chance you’ll feel nauseated or want to fall asleep. In addition, alcohol increases potency of active ingredients in cannabis, while marijuana can exacerbate the feeling of drunkeness. Sounds good, right? Wrong – at least for first timers. Not only can combining marijuana and alcohol feel overwhelming, you’ll miss out on your first fun weed experience!

And those are the quickest-and-dirty tips you need to get started with mariijuana today. Getting high on weed should be awesome. No doubt. But there’s much to learn still Padawan – and that’s half the fun. Much like fine wine, cannabis can be a deep and engaging hobby, where there’s always something new to learn, whether it be about the universe, yourself, or a newly developed cannabis strain.