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How to Get High on the Low

420 Culture

Pot is going mainstream, no doubt about that. Still, it’s not socially kosher to bust out a blunt and light it up just anywhere, as we hope you’re aware. Even if weed is legal in the state you happen to be in right now – it’s still easy to get caught up with Johnny Law for simply hitting your joint or vape in the wrong place at the wrong time. Life just isn’t fair, is it? Luckily for all of us, the mad scientists of the cannabis industry have a few ways to keep you stoned on the low. Behold!

G-Brand Lemonade
When it’s hot outside, don’t you just want to chug something refreshing? So why not a THC lemonade? Enter G-Brand. A single bottle of their cannabis-infused lemonade has 250mg of THC looks like an ordinary drink to the untrained eye. This is a great way to get high with none the wiser. Drink one in the morning at work for a day buzz; and then chase your after-work Happy Hour shot with one for a nice night buzz. Just shake well and serve cold, and you’ll feel good as gold!

Quigley’s Cannabis Shot
A must-have for the secretive stoner. This is a liquid packaged in one of those strange, colorful energy shots you find in any corner liquor store across the world. But no caffeine here — these shots are a very discreet way to get high behind the curtains. The 10-50mg shots last for hours, come gluten-free, caffeine-free and contain zero calories, no fat. High + healthy... seriously, what in the world is better than that? Puppies, maybe?

Klear Cannabis Syrup
We love getting high in plain sight. It has that rebellious, taboo thrill to it. Kinda like sneaking into your boyfriend’s bedroom at 2am when you were 14. Or hell, 34 even. It’s also why Klear Cannabis infused syrup tickles the ninja stoner in us that wants to get high in public. An edible, it can mixed in any kind of beverage that come to mind. It can also be consumed like cough syrup. But be mindful of how much you use, especially if you plan to take it at work or something. Each bottle has about 1,000mg of THC. Don’t fly too close to the sun, or you can get burned. We say play around with the dosages for a weekend and you’ll essentially be a THC bartender by Monday.

Remedy Elite CBD Oil Tincture
Mary's Medicinals holds down the fort in Colorado with their Elite Cannabis products. And their Remedy Elite is a powerful way to get the good feelings going behind the scenes. Marijuana tinctures enter your bloodstream quickly, and nobody knows you’re getting high in the process. There’s nearly 2mg of CBD in each slightly cinnamon-flavored drop. At 500mg per bottle, it’s one of the most concentrated and pure CBD products you can find.

Ready to fly in the face of society and do what you love whenever and wherever you want? These three products are a great way to start. Either that, or you’re going to have to find a creative way to toke at your sister-in-law’s quinceañera. We aren’t judging, though. And neither should they!