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Keep Your Bong Water Clean

420 Culture

There’s two types of people: Those that are adamant about keeping their stuff clean, and those that aren’t so much. We’re not here to judge, but rather, to educate. The maintenance and cleaning of your marijuana equipment for the most part depends on what kind of person you might be. Some people like to wash their bong with every use, while others do only once the funk becomes unbearable. 

While theres no need to obsess about it, cleaning your marijuana pipes and smoking devices can improve your weed user experience. When it comes to the water in your bong, experienced users say the smart move is to switch out the water once a day or everytime you load up a bowl.

Dirty bong water can quickly develop biofilm, which is infused with all sorts of bacteria, yeast, and microscopic creatures. Don’t even mention the fetid smell you’ll deal with if the bong tips over and spills onto fabric. You’ll have a hell of a time getting rid of the unmistakable aroma of old, used bong water.

For casual cannabis fans that spend days or weeks away from the bong, it’s important to empty your device after each use and clean it with hot water. And if you aren’t planning to use it anytime soon, let it dry completely before putting it in a safe place to avoid the chance of your bong catching mildew sickness.  For those using their bongs every day, you too should attempt to change the water at least every 24 hours, unless you’re burning more than a quarter-once every day.

Also important, is cleaning your bong at least twice a month with rubbing alcohol and salt in order to prevent resin buildup and remove other gunk that hot water and soap won’t wash away. If you lose track of your bong use, make a habit of rinsing your 420 tube every time you smoke. Avoid smoking through water that looks dark, contains resin, looks moldy, or smells unpleasant. Unless a nasty tasting, carbon-infused hit is what you’re going for with your session.

Don’t be a lazy stoner. Keep your weed smoking tools nice and clean!