wake and bake 420

Kickstart Your Day with Coffee and Marijuana

420 Culture

Wake and bake, the beloved phrase: the practice has been around since the dawn of sweet leaf. There is a certain special something about waking up to the aroma of marijuana and fresh brewed coffee. It’s a combination that can drive out the morning fog and spur creativity. 

But with so many options out there, who has time to figure out which cannabis strain to pair with which coffee beans? Here’s a few quick-and-easy coffee/cannabis pairings to jumpstart your day.

Cold Brew + White Widow 

Looking to be creative and productive today? There’s no better combo than an icy cold cold brew coffee paired with the notorious White Widow strain. Pack it anyway you like – whether bong, bowl, or spliff. If you’re looking for a splash of inspiration, grab a cup of your favorite cold brew and get to work! 

Espresso + Joint

Are you the type to start your day with a shot of espresso? Try balancing the jolt of caffeine with a mellow indica-dominant strain like Blue Dream or OG Kush. You won’t completely melt into the couch mid-morning but still receive the creative inspiration that comes with a mellow smoke. We recommend experimenting with various indica-dominant strains to see which combination works best for you.

Dark Roast + Dark Chocolate

We know. You’re an adult, and you want to have chocolate for breakfast. Join the club. We won’t stop you. Pick up any of the delicous cannabis-infused dark chocolate products like Bhang or KIVA while you brew up a strong cup of dark roast. Once you’re done with your java and 420 chocolate infusion, you’ll feel a warm, lingering high to start the day.

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