420 etiquette

Pot Party Etiquette: Good Marijuana Manners

420 Culture

Now that recreational marijuana is legal in California and 10 other states, there are some good manners users should be familiar with. For instance, if you’re attending a party, how do you ask about where to smoke? No doubt your host will let you know if this is a stoner party or not, but there are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure everyone has a good time.

  1. “Combustion?”

Because of the many options – edibles, dabbing, vaping – “combustion” may be an issue. Folks may live in an apartment complex that doesn’t allow smoking on the premises, they may have some grumpy neighbors, you never know, but you want to be kind, so you ask, “I’d like to smoke some weed, is that all right? Is there a good place for me to go?” Because “420-friendly” does not always equal “smoking party.”

  1. BYO and Share

Sharing has always been a part of marijuana culture and is a great way to meet people and find easy conversation at a party – so bring enough for friends. And let people know which cannabis strain you’re lighting up – sativa, indica, or hybrid – just to be on the safe side. It sucks when someone gets stuck “in da couch” way too early because they can’t handle some potent indica.

  1. Green Hit Goes to the Host

When you light up a bowl, no matter how often you smoke alone, you must break the habit of taking toke after toke to yourself. Pack a yummy bowl and pass it to your host first. If they insist you smoke the first hit, burn it from the side, hit up a corner of that green bowl instead of mowing across the whole thing. This way the host or the person next you will also get a green hit.

  1. Still, No Bogarting

If you are allowed to “combust,” Bogarting is still a no-no (sitting on that thing like you’re hanging solo), and don’t lip the joint either (leave it overly moist with saliva), that’s just gross. The longstanding rule for sharing a joint is two puffs and then pass.

  1. “Uh-Oh, We’ve Got a Runner”

When you’re sharing a fatty and it begins to run, give the tip of your finger a little lick and tap at the base of the burn to tamper it. Take a couple more hits if needed to get it back into balance with all sides smoking evenly, then pass.

  1. Vaping

Two puffs and a pass for a joint, that’s easy to remember. What about vaping? A vape hit can equal 85% THC, so you want to treat a puff and pass a little different than a joint that runs at 20%, or you may have some party-goers tripping a little too hard and no one wants that. A fair vape rule is one nice long drag, a slow exhale and a pass. Thank you very much.

Party on smoker friends, and remember always to be polite with the pot!