Your Common Questions About Legalized Weed Answered

Marijuana Education

Now that California is a totally legalized state, there’s a lot of education surrounding the “who, what, where, when, why, and how” that many new users need to know. Below, we’ve highlighted the top common questions to help all users, new and old alike, get better acquainted with newly legalized marijuana.

If I buy legalized weed in Washington, can I bring it on my out-of-state flight?

Nope. While you can legally buy and consume weed in a legalized state like Washington, the fun stops at the state borders. You cannot legally bring any marijuana products to a non-legalized state via planes, trains, automobiles, etc.

Do I still need some type of government issued card to purchase recreational marijuana in a legalized state?

No. If you are purchasing cannabis products from a recreationally legalized state then a government sanctioned/medical card is not required. However, some users still prefer purchasing marijuana through use of their medical card for varying types of products and strains.

What’s the difference between medical, recreational, and black market weed?

Medical cannabis tends to be more CBD driven, meaning the product will contain less THC–the psychoactive effects. But when it comes to edible potency, medical products tend to have much higher potency than recreational products.

Recreational weed is quality controlled, carry a bigger assortment of strains and product types, and have potency and/or recommended dosage listed.

Black market weed is anyone’s guess… there are zero government and/or industry regulations and restrictions when it comes to street weed. The user has no idea what type of marijuana strain, potency, etc. they’re getting. It’s a total crapshoot.  

What’s the difference between sativa and indica strains?

Indica and sativas are both marijuana plants but are of different strains. Because of this, they present different types of effects.

Indica provides physical relief to body pain, muscle aches, spasms, seizures, and headaches. It’s also a good source to reduce anxiety or stress.

Sativa on the other hand, provides more of a ‘head’ high. Feelings of well-being and increased focus and creativity are common. Sativa can also energize and help to fight depression.

Why are dispensaries ‘Cash Only?’

Neither medical or recreational marijuana is legalized on a national level, thus Federal law prohibiting banks and credit unions from taking marijuana money. Currently, only 29 U.S. states recognize legal medical marijuana and even fewer still recognize recreational cannabis. So until the United States federally legalizes all pot, dispensaries will remain a ‘Cash Only’ joint.

Marijuana Education is Important

America is quickly becoming the land of the red, white, and green. And with that comes the responsibility to learn all one can about our new found marijuana freedoms. Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis user, a pot newbie, or simply marijuana curious—it pays to know your rights and the ins and outs of our ever-changing pot laws.

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