The Best Marijuana Products for First Time Users

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If you’re new to the legal cannabis scene, then you might be intimidated by the sheer amount of product available on the market. From vaporizers, to fat joints, to wax and hash, what’s a newbie to do?

Have no fear.

We’ve pulled together our favorite beginner-friendly products to help you manage your first foray into the marijuana lifestyle. These products are easy to use, safe, and healthy. They’re the perfect solution to getting your feet wet when it comes to cannabis use.

Honey Straws

For those hesitant about smoking, then ingesting a marijuana product is a solid solution. We recommend Honey Straws as they are lab tested, organic, and have precisely measured out THC levels. It’s a safe and easy product that you can add to tea or oatmeal, or eat right out of the package.

Canna Capsule

This CBD capsule is an excellent choice for those uncomfortable with smoking and/or tasting marijuana. Simply swallow Canna Capsules for pain relief. Excellent for migraines, muscle pain, and more. Capsules are vegan, gluten-free, fat free, and sugar free.

Pain Relief Salve

Speaking of CBD… another fantastic first-timer option can be found in salve form. Mary Jane’s Medicinal Salve is an easy to apply topical product that helps with pain and inflammation. This salve is a topical CBD product, meaning you cannot get high from it. It’s a natural and healthy solution for menstrual cramps, muscle aches, eczema, wrinkles, and more!

Pre-Roll Packs

For those without rolling experience, Lowe Smokes Pre-Roll Packs are life savers. Made from organic ingredients and responsible farming practices, these pre-rolled products are easy to enjoy. No need to buy all the items individually and then try your inexperienced hand at rolling a joint — pre-rolled packs does all the hard work for you!  

Oil Tincture

Oil tinctures are a great product for first time users and experienced users alike. It’s popular because you can control your intake and cannabis levels down to the last drop. We like The Remedy oil because it is one of the most concentrated and pure CBD products out there. And unlike other products in the market, this one actually tastes good! Expect sweet almond oil with a light cinnamon flavor.

See, there’s nothing to fear. While there may be a cornucopia of cannabis products on the market, if you know what you’re looking for, you too can find a beginner-friendly marijuana product. Whether you’re looking to get high or looking for pain relief, there’s an easy to use cannabis product out there with your name on it.