Help Remove The Stigma of Marijuana With Facts

Marijuana Education

The legalization of pot, both recreational and medical, is still a rather new and divisive point of contention for the country. While some states are fully embracing 100% legalization, some states are still vehemently against legalization of any sort and even looking to further politicize the issue. And somewhere in between these two extremes are the states dipping a toe into the marijuana game by legalizing medical marijuana and/or holding a “wait and see” approach to see how fully legalized states like Colorado and Washington fair before committing one way or another.

This push and pull relationship with cannabis means there remains a stigma still. Even though the evidence has proven time and time again that cannabis can be enjoyed responsibly and in fact, legalization benefits all types of users, there are still many that refuse to adhere to logic in this alt-facts world. But we must persist. See below for undeniable, scientifically-proven talking points to whip out at your next in-defense-of-cannabis debate. We’re thinking this might come in handy during family gatherings where conservative Uncle Al will undoubtedly have some vocal opinions regarding the topic.  

Cannot Die From Overdose

Unlike drugs like pills, cocaine, and even alcohol, you cannot overdose to the point of death with cannabis. While you can definitely intake more pot than your body is used to, you will not die. If you smoke too much pot, you might experience anxiety, an increased heart rate, and nausea and vomiting, but you will not die. Just keep calm and carry on. 

Getting to Know all About CBD

Not all pot is psychoactive. The official name for this type of cannabis is CBD, short for cannabidiol. CBD is a “Cannabis compound that has significant medical benefits, but does not make people feel “stoned” and can actually counteract the psychoactivity of THC.” – Project CBD. This means many sufferers of physical pain, mental health issues, and more can benefit from the healing powers of pot minus the high feeling.

Miracle Drug for Autistic Children

Autism is a fast-growing and infamously politicized developmental disorder in the United States. While many still argue its root causes, all can look to Israel for a bit of good news. According to a study in Israel, a pioneer in this type of research, there is evidence that marijuana dramatically helps children suffering from epilepsy and autism (epilepsy afflicts about 30% of autistic children). This is the first clinical trial so of course results are still being collected and studied but for suffering children and their weary parents, the positive results so far are nothing short of a miracle.

Knowledge is Power

There is so much still to be learned about cannabis. And now that more and more states are opening their doors to the possibility of legalization, more studies can be done. We already know that you can’t die from marijuana, that non-psychoactive products exist, and that the medical benefits are only continuing to climb. So imagine what’s still to be discovered once we chip away the stigma. Do your part and help spread the knowledge. Uncle Al will thank you.