Natural performance enhancers

Marijuana: Nature’s Performance Enhancer

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You already know that marijuana is a powerful drug that many use to have fun, relax, and heal. But did you also know that cannabis is an effective drug that also improves performance in certain physical activities? That’s right, in addition to marijuana’s multitude of benefits used for fun and pain relief, you can now throw enhanced sport performance into …

Curing America's Addiction to Opioids

Could Cannabis be the Cure to America’s Opioid Addiction?

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With more than 46 people dying every day from a prescription opioid overdose, it’s fair to say that our country is in the midst of an extreme opioid epidemic. This ever-rising issue has led many government officials, healthcare professionals, and pain sufferers to consider alternative pain relief options such as medical marijuana. Unlike prescription pills, marijuana is less addictive and …


Don’t Visit California Before Getting to Know These Weed Tips

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably well aware that California is now cannabis-legal. That means recreational sale and use of weed is completely legal – as if you needed even more reason to visit our beautiful state! According to the Business Insider, “A report… estimates sales of cannabis to hit $3.7 billion by the end of 2018 …

Serious MMJ Bong Game at Bud Man

Best Homemade Bongs to Help You Get Your High On

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If you’ve ever been caught in a bind with dry bud but no pipe, then you can understand the need for a homemade bong. But whether the pipe if born of need, creativity, or frugality, they get the job done and some of these below examples will even blow your mind with their creativity. Here’s a list of our favorite …

Effects of Marijuana

What to Expect When High on Marijuana

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With the introduction of legalized marijuana, you may be trying cannabis for the very first time. And if you’re feeling uncertain and/or scared of the THC effects, we’re here to help prep you for this epic moment. When imbibing in pot, these are the physical effects you can expect. In addition to bodily effects, THC can also impact your thinking …


Improve Your Quality of Life With These Enhancing Strains

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If you think pot is only used to relax, zone out, or dull the senses – then think again. Marijuana is a versatile drug with a plethora of benefits. Benefits like pain relief and relaxation for sure, but other benefits like increased focus and energy, as well. Today we dispel the myth that pot users are lazy, do-nothing-couch-potatoes. Below are …

4 Ways to Be A Responsible Cannabis User

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Now that recreational marijuana is legal in California, it’s important to understand how to use pot responsibly. It’s safe to assume that many more Californians will soon experiment with pot products and it’s better for all citizens to fully understand how to safely enjoy cannabis without harming either themselves or neighbors. If you’re under the influence, whether it’s alcohol or …

Can anyone buy weed from a dispensary or collective in California?

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The California Medical Marijuana Program Act (MMP) came into law in January 1, 2004. This law allows California residents to voluntarily register himself or herself as a qualified medical marijuana patient by acquiring a doctor’s recommendation letter. When patients qualify as a medical marijuana patient with a doctor’s recommendation letter, they can seek out a Medical Marijuana Identification Card (MMIC). …

Weed Finder: How to Use Weedmaps

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If you’re looking for premium medical marijuana in Southern California, you already know where to go – Bud Man OC. However, if you’re anywhere else, your best bet is to use Weedmaps. Using Weed Maps to find premium, quality medical marijuana is as easy as knowing your address. The hardest part is determining which cannabis dispensary or weed delivery company …