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Why You Should Always, Always Buy Weed From a Trusted Source

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If you’re still buying your weed from a dealer, it’s time to develop some new habits.  

With the legalization of recreational marijuana, gone are the days of buying street weed. There’s no need to gamble with risky dealers, subpar marijuana, and limited product availability. Learn more below.    


When you buy from a dispensary, there is product accountability. The strain name IS the actual strain. The weight IS the actual gram amount. The potency IS exactly dosed. What you’re reading is what you’re getting.

Compare this experience to buying from a dealer. You’d be lucky if they even knew the strain name. And unless they weighed it out in front of you, you’re just going to have to trust that the weight is accurate.

100% Good Goods

Pre-wrapped street joints can contain foreign material. Dealers cut other substances like synthetic marijuana and/or crack cocaine with the cannabis. So if you’re worried about what you’re ingesting into your body – as any responsible smoker should be – then turning to a dealer is not the safest way to go.

Head instead to a dispensary where the weed goes through strict product and quality control before ever hitting the shelves. When you go this route, you can rest easy knowing that you are smoking 100% REAL cannabis.

More Product Offerings

Dispensaries are businesses and like any business, they have multiple product offerings. Head into a dispensary and you’ll find dry bud, edibles, oils, pre-rolled joints, topical creams, and more. There’s something for everyone from non-psychoactive, CBD medicinal products to highly-potent offerings for experienced users. Does your street dealer offer such a wide range of product offerings? We think not.

Buying Power

As mentioned above, dispensaries are businesses and that makes you a customer with buying power. You can make an impact with your dollar by deciding what products to buy and which dispensaries to support. You can also read reviews online to learn even more about a potential new shop or product. This means information and the opportunity to affect change is yours for the taking, unlike what you can expect from street dealer dealings.

Do More Good

When you buy cannabis products from a dispensary, you’re actually doing good for the community. If California is to follow in Colorado’s footsteps, then marijuana tax dollars will go back to the state to fund schools and homeless assistance programs. So you can feel good with every puff you take, not so when buying from a dealer that only lines his own pockets.  

Be an Educated Consumer

Always, always buy your cannabis products from a trusted dispensary. By doing so, you can rest assured knowing you are receiving safe and quality product. You can easily find a plethora of products to buy. You can yield big purchasing power. And you can feel good about smoking. Purchasing from a dispensary is good for your body and spirit – it’s a no brainer.

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