How to Be a Productive Pothead

Marijuana Education

Think weed is only good for knocking you on your ass? Think again. While cannabis is great for maxing and relaxing (i.e. – great for being a couch potato), it’s also a really good motivator. Depending on strain, activity, and mood, marijuana can actually help you become more productive.

Here are a few of our favorite goals to strive for while high.

Be Wise and Exercise

To Try: Sativa Strains  

Pot chills you out–which comes in handy when you’re otherwise staring at a timer or clock, counting down the minutes. By toking up before you hit the gym, you effectively calm yourself down, allowing you to get through a grueling task, like running, with more ease.

Another bonus is that while working out, your endorphins get elevated to give you a “runner’s high” feel. Couple this with a sativa high, where bursts of energy occurs, and you’ll be feeling euphoric while other gym-goers grunt in misery.

Practice Self-Care Skincare

To Try: Indica Strains & CBD Topicals

Taking off your makeup and/or washing your face every night can sometimes feel like an insurmountable task. While it’s hard to get motivated to do, it always delivers satisfaction once done. So, might as well just do it right?!

Here’s a trick, get high before starting your nighttime routine. Not only will the THC calm you down, prepare you for sleep, and deliver more focus to each task, the cannabis-infused skincare products go the extra mile to deliver better results. Cannabis greatly improves common skincare issues like redness, irritation, inflammation, acne, wrinkles, and more!

Find Wealth in Mental Health

To Try: Sativa Strains

Often times, lack of motivation and all-around giving a shit stems from anxiety and depression. When one is suffering from mental health issues like this, the act of getting things done seems impossibly challenging. But did you know that cannabis, sativa in particular, is widely prescribed to help with anxiety and depression?

That’s right! Whether it’s to make it through the day, find more focus at work, or to simply get out of bed, marijuana is here to help people into a more motivated mindset.

Light It Up to Write It Up

To Try: Indica Strains

Whether you’re an avid writer or not, why not try out your skills the next time you light up! Cannabis opens our minds making us more receptive to out-of-the-box ideas and indica strains in particular reduce stress and distractions, allowing you to focus more.

Take this opportunity to jot down new business ideas, draft a creative short story, or start journaling. Whatever your project and/or medium, just start writing—it’s a cathartic way to release your inner creativity.