Improve Your Quality of Life With These Enhancing Strains

Marijuana Education

If you think pot is only used to relax, zone out, or dull the senses – then think again. Marijuana is a versatile drug with a plethora of benefits. Benefits like pain relief and relaxation for sure, but other benefits like increased focus and energy, as well.

Today we dispel the myth that pot users are lazy, do-nothing-couch-potatoes. Below are a few of our favorite strains that will help you feel great while out and about or at work. Productivity, creativity, and increased energy are just a few of the wonders you can expect from these strains.

Durban Poison for Writer’s Block

This situation definitely applies to drawing, painting, sculpting, and anything else that requires some sort of creative breakthrough — not just writing. When you’re up against deadlines and needing to create but can’t because of some mental hurdle, turn your sights to Durban Poison. Durban Poison is a potent sativa and might be intensely strong for newer users. While this requires a bit of caution, if you’re smart about dosing and understand your tolerance levels, then prepare for a trip like no other. This strain will take you to a wonderland where your senses will open and existing roadblocks turn into creativity highways.

Jack Herer for a Focused Morning Start

Jack Herer is a well-known strain amongst its loyal users because it allows consumers to remain focused, aware, and alert — while still feeling high effects. These signature qualities take you on an elevated cerebral journey while feeling blissful and clear-headed. It’s the perfect strain for those who like to wake and bake while still wanting to conquer the day.

Green Crack for an Active Night Out on the Town

If a night out on the town filled with dancing is on your roster, then take a hit of Green Crack! The name says it all — but in the case you want to learn a little bit more, here we go. Green Crack is a massively potent, sativa-dominant hybrid, so it’s important for newer and weaker users to be mindful of intake. Once you figure out your perfect dosage, you can expect a huge boost in energy. This popular strain is extremely effective in helping users get things done with energy and clarity.

Strawberry Cough for Networking and Mingling

While anxiety may be a symptom of smoking marijuana, there are some strains that do the opposite to help with general anxiety. Sufferers of social anxiety can turn to Strawberry Cough to help them calm down. It’s a great strain to combat stress and social anxiety to help users interact socially at a mixer or networking event, where they are usually paralyzed with unease.

Marijuana to Help You Live an Improved Life

Cannabis is so much more than just a tool to relax. It aids in pain relief, blocked creativity, and social anxiety. This underrated drug enhances life in so many ways — you just have to know what you’re looking for! Once you narrow down your favorite strains, start applying them to your everyday life so that you can be your best self yet.