Cannabis for a Better Thanksgiving

Marijuana Education

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away and we’re already getting our stretchy pants ready! This is the day where calories don’t count, naps rule the living room, and turkey is the star. But in addition to the well-known positive points of Thanksgiving, there’s also specific holiday hurdles to overcome – family feuds and overeating… just to name a few.

Regardless of what Thanksgiving brings you this year, know that the experience can be better enhanced and/or made more tolerable thanks to marijuana. Below we highlight specific holiday situations made better thanks to pot. Some are fun holiday suggestions, some are pain-relieving ideas, and all are Thanksgiving must-haves.

Whet the Appetite

A proper Thanksgiving feast takes HOURS, perhaps even days to prep. There’s a lot of waiting around. Waiting for the turkey, waiting for oven space, waiting for all the guests to arrive… the waiting game is all too real. So why not take this time to enjoy some edibles! Edibles take at least an hour to kick in so if you time it perfectly, you’ll be hitting peak high (read “munchies-mode”) right on time!

Tolerate the Family

The thing about Thanksgiving is that it brings family and friends together. Unfortunately, that sometimes means opposing political views and longtime family feuds. Calm your nerves and ease tension by lighting up a pre-roll as needed. Uncle Bill wants to bemoan about the presidential results? Take a hit. Aunt Linda wants to bring up events from 10 years ago. Light it up. Do what you have to do to survive the Holiday – Pot is there for you.

Aids in Digestion

You’re probably going to be dealing with some indigestion, gas, and bloating right after (over) indulging at Thanksgiving dinner. Thanks to cannabis, there’s no need to suffer. Marijuana greatly aids in gastrointestinal issues. Relieve the cramping, calm the acids, and help aid digestion with some CBD products. CBD products will provide all the pain relief that you’re looking for minus the high effect – Making it perfect for discreet pain relief whilst surrounded by family members and children.