What is Top Shelf Weed and How Does It Benefit You?

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The phrase “top shelf” is common to us all. When you go to a bar and ask for the top shelf alcohol, you know that you are ordering the premium version of that liquor. As the name alludes, this premium product is located on the top shelf. Purveyors place their most expensive products on the top shelf to display them (premium liquors often bear the best looking packaging) and to keep them out of reach.

And much of this applies to weed, too. Not unlike bartenders, budtenders store top shelf weed separate from lower-quality strains. They too are put on display and bear a higher price tag.

But besides their top shelf location, what actually makes weed considered “top shelf”? Is top shelf even worth it? And what should you expect from top shelf marijuana? We answer these questions and more below.

What is Top Shelf Weed?

Top shelf weed is a relatively new term for the cannabis industry but it sure is getting tossed around a lot. It’s easy to understand why “top shelf” is so popular. Gone are the days of back-alley, mystery weed littered with seeds and stems. Nowadays, weed dealings are legal and the products being offered are of a professional caliber — with top shelf being of the highest caliber.

You can distinguish top shelf weed by its appearance. Premium bud is well-trimmed, rich and bright in color (often a combination of vivid green and purple), and sugary and sticky. It will give off a unique and pungent smell — showcasing its specific terpene. They are the cultivators’ best selection, often organically-grown and offered at a higher price.

What to Expect From Top Shelf MJ

Premium weed is potent so you don’t need to smoke a lot of it to feel the power of it. With just a few tokes, the desired effects will be hitting you immediately.  

How to Spot Low Quality Bud

Dissimilar to top shelf weed, low quality bud will take on a brownish, gray coloring. It will not deliver an even and potent high, thus requiring you to smoke more bud more frequently. Also, lower quality weed smells differently compared to premium. Beware if you catch strong whiffs of hay, grass, mold, or fertilizer.

Is Top Shelf Worth the Extra Money?

As mentioned above, premium bud is more potent. This means that less marijuana is required to bring on the good feels. In addition to the obvious usage savings, top shelf also delivers a fresher and healthier experience. For bright and vivid, sticky bud that’s stronger and longer-lasting — we’d say top shelf is definitely worth the splurge.  

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