How to Enjoy Marijuana Without Smoking

Marijuana Education

Cannabis has come a long way. While smoking is still the most common/preferred methodology for many, there are plenty of other products on the market available to those looking for the same high effects, minus the same smoke inhalation.

Let’s learn about them now.

Method: Smoking/Inhalation

This is the tried and true method that many prefer for getting high. You can smoke marijuana in a bowl, in a joint, or by use of equipment like a vaporizer. But the method remains the same – Load up your marijuana tool of choice, light up, and inhale.

PROS: A quicker high and an easier way to control dosing.
CONS: High is not long lasting, requiring more dosing. There is often smell and debris to worry about.

Method: Edibles

Edibles are a fantastic option for those uncomfortable with smoking. You can find cannabis-induced products ranging from baked goods, to candies, to cooking oils, to ice cream, and more.

PROS: Long lasting high (usually several hours). No unwanted burning smells and debris.
CONS: Takes at least an hour to kick in. Hard to control exact dosage.

Method: Concentrates

Made by extracting potent cannabinoids from the plant, concentrates like oils, wax, and butter, can be consumed orally or through inhalation.

PROS: Quick acting, intense feeling, and long lasting.
CONS: Highly potent and may require trial and error to perfect dosing.

Method: Topicals

There are a wide-ranging array of pot products available to those looking for the medical benefits of marijuana minus the high effects. Topical pot products like lotions and creams soak into skin to help relieve muscle pain, skin irritation, and more.

PROS: Helps with burns, swollen joints, skin infections, and muscle aches. Relieves localized pain point without the “high” feeling.
CONS: Does not elicit the “high” feeling. Is only a pain reliever, not a cure.

It’s easier than ever to enjoy the effects of cannabis thanks to modern pot products. You can inhale, digest, or rub your way to feeling better than ever. Choose the perfect product for you based on your immediate needs.