hemp clothing

Hemp and Kinda High Fashion


When you think of hemp clothing, you may get an image of rough-hewn fanny packs and baseball caps in neutral colors – but hemp clothing has long since grown beyond its hippie roots and moved into legitimate fashion. Let’s look at some of our favorite options for casual hemp wear, but first pose a question: Why do we want to …

7 Ways to Elevate Your High


Getting high is great — but it can be even better. There are a ton of ways to bring your high to the next level, here are a few of Bud Man’s faves.

Cool down with cannabis

Top 10 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat With Cannabis


We’re in the thick of summer and things are hot, hot, hot! So when the temps hit the 90s or even the 100s, the thought of using fire to light up a joint may seem less than comfortable. But have no fear, there are still a ton of ways to enjoy the sticky icky even when you’re feeling sticky and …

Moments where weed is everything

Top 5 Moments Where Weed Delivery is Everything


Delivery service is awesome. In today’s modern tech age, you can order practically anything you want from the comforts of your couch. From Chinese food, to groceries, to marijuana – it’s all available to you with just a few clicks and/or one phone call. Here are our favorite moments where weed delivery is life. Sick in Bed With this season’s …

Budding Careers in marijuana

Top 5 Marijuana Jobs You Should Consider Applying To


Do you love weed? If so, then maybe a job in the cannabis industry is right for you. Now that recreational marijuana is legal in California, there’s a green rush of jobs popping up all over the state. With the increased demand, there’s been an increased supply of roles in manufacturing, agriculture, dispensary sales, and more. Learn more below and …

Legal weed in California

The Ultimate Guide to Legalized Marijuana for Newbs


Alright California, pot has been legalized for a while now and you’re probably curious to visit a dispensary if you haven’t already. While this historic moment can be exciting and long-awaited for many, it can also be daunting and overwhelming for some. If you’ve never dabbled in the world of cannabis, then now is the perfect time. There are so …