Culinary Cannabis Creations With The Herbal Chef


Attention Los Angelenos, do you already know about Chris Sayegh? If you don’t, now you do.

He’s a young chef using cannabis as a main ingredient in his gourmet cooking. Better known as The Herbal Chef, this LA-based food artist is bridging the gap between fine dining and cannabis, taking users on an elevated trip that extends well beyond cookies and brownies.

Sayegh is a medical marijuana cardholder that views food as an artform and was disappointed with the market-ready edibles like preservative-laden candies and baked goods. Having worked at Michelin-starred restaurants, cooking for some of the most respected chefs in the city, he has honed his skills as a professional chef. He decided to take his love, knowledge, and talent for culinary art and apply it towards cannabis-infused fine dining.

How Sayegh Does It

Using only local and organic ingredients, Sayegh obviously puts extreme focus on quality. This ideology spills over to cannabis as well. He chooses his cannabis based on the terpene profile — the marijuana’s distinct smell and taste. Once selected, he adjusts dosage depending on client preferences. The standard is 10 milligrams spread throughout the entire meal, but some ask for lower dosing and he happily complies.

Sayegh uses cannabis oil, a caramel-like, dark brown goo for his cooking. Once the oil gets heated up to a certain temperature, the THC (psychoactive property) kicks in. But he needs to be careful because if heated up too much, the ingredients are burned off so all that remains is a bitter taste without any of the psychoactive elements. It’s obvious that cooking with cannabis is as much a science as it is an artform. Sayegh proves that he is capable of straddling both worlds effortlessly with his cannabis-infused creations like oysters, vegan pho, wagyu, and petit fours.

What to Expect

When you contact Sayegh’s company, The Herbal Chef, this is what you’re in for: catering and private dinners to the tune of up to $500 per person. His private dinners are by far the most popular offering as it presents an evening of 12 to 15 courses – all infused with cannabis. These “cerebral experiences”, as Sayegh calls them, are far from what many presume about stereotypical pot use. They are luxurious experiences full of gourmet cuisine, decadent decor, and mood setting music. It’s a full-throttle, immersive experience that promises to satisfy the senses — all of them. When you treat yourself to an experience like this, you’ll end the night feeling satisfied, euphoric, and happy as you’ve most likely made a few new friends with common interests.

Locations vary per dinner with many held in private homes.