Malibu Kush Sunset Sesh

A Sunset Smoke on the Beach

420 Culture, Budtender Dispatch

Today I feel like a solo mission down to the beach to catch an epic gradient of colors in the sky. I’ve been pretty moody from the work week and some grounding time away from the crowd is definitely called for. I check the Bud Man OC menu to see what flowers are calling to me and decide on some Jungle Juice and Malibu Kush. As I wait for my delivery, I gather the necessities for the evening. I pack up my beach blanket, rolling tray, papers, grinder, lighter, water bottle, and a few snacks just in time for my order to arrive. melissa-budtender

I love to mix select strains with really delicious terpene profiles. The earthy citrus notes of the Malibu Kush pairs really well with the sweet and sour elements of the Jungle Juice. I pre-grind my little mixture and grab all my things to set off on my sunset adventure. 

Jungle Juice - Premium Sativa (1)

Finding the right place to enjoy a peaceful smoke can at times be difficult. Some people still harbor negative sentiments about cannabis consumers. This can cause anxiety for weed lovers who partake and who might be approached by someone offended by the aroma of marijuana smoke: Which is the reason why I tend to seek areas far away from others, so I can sit alone and relax. I’m not here to bother anyone. I just want to take in the view and kick back in the sand with a joint in my hand.  

I walk down the steps to the beach and see a lone piece of driftwood far down to the right side and trek over to set up my little space. I grab all my rolling materials and begin my ritual of preparing a joint. Folding an additional crease in my rolling paper to create a small trough shape, I sprinkle my

 herb mixture from left to right and use both my index fingers to tuck the flower in. I then roll from the center to the right, finish off with a crutch on the left, and one final tuck to lick it and stick it. 

The smell and taste of the flowers is incredibly tantalizing, as I take a dry hit before I get ready to spark up. The combination of these terpenes has a really sweet, citrus, and woody aroma that is already relaxing me with the first hit. I’m really happy with today’s purchase as the euphoric and sedative effects begin to take place and I stare off across the water as the colors intensify in the sky. I can feel the release of tension in my shoulders and neck and I lean back to just take it all in. The stress from my brain starts to melt away and I am so thankful for the relief! I think everyone deserves these moments of unbothered peace and this is my suggested way to let it all go. Now it’s time to enjoy! 

Until next time and good luck on your sunset adventure!

<3 MKR