White Lotus (34.5% THC – premium)



Similar hybrids to consider:


White Lotus is an extremely rare indica dominant hybrid strain created through a cross of the potent The White X Snow Lotus strains. This dank bud is a favorite for baking with due to its delicious spicy citrus hash flavor. When smoked, the bud has a sweet citrusy earthy flavor with a dank hashy aftertaste. The aroma is of sweet floral citrus with a slightly spicy kick that’s released as the nugs are broken apart and smoked. White Lotus buds have medium-sized lumpy and dense light minty green nugs with dark olive green leaves, fiery orange hairs, and a super frosty coating of chunky milky white trichomes. The White Lotus high is a powerful one-hitter that’s perfect for use at night when you are looking for a relaxing high that carries you off into a deep sleep. The high starts with a heavy stoney cerebral effect that leaves you happy yet hazy with significant mental pain relief. This head high slowly spreads throughout the rest of your body with deep couch-lock and sedation and an itching to eat anything and everything. The comedown is very narcotic and often ends in sleep regardless of your experience level. These effects and its high THC level on average makes White Lotus a great bud for treating mild to moderate cases of depression, insomnia, nightmares, and chronic pain.