She Devil – Grizzly Genetics (34.9% THC – premium)


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She Devil is the elite of the elite strains and will no doubt be a game changer for anybody who has the unique opportunity to indulge. Bud Man is very proud to have obtained this rare strain that is known to be a favorite to many SoCal celebrity types.

She devil is an indica cross of Purple Kush and Master Kush.

She Devil buds are multi-colored with the nugs being shaded a pale dark green tone with deep purple highlights. The nugs are leafy and a touch airy but are nicely coated in hairy looking milky trichomes and the nug has a nice “bounce” to it (if you squeeze the nug it bounces back to form after release). The aroma of She Devil enters the nose in one big clump of a smell in which the odors are stacked on top of one another. The base layer smells like moist dark earth with a kind of sandy outer coating that gives the odor a dry façade. Piled on that is a dewy fragrance which is capped off with a faint sweet grass essence.

The effects of She Devil can be categorized as a creeper….the effects range from a shallow happy head high along with a mellowed out happy state with warmth spreading out to the body at a slow rolling pace.