Sharks Breath

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Sharks Breath is a strain which has an uncommon name is the winner of the ‘Spannabis Cup Championship’. This was originally created by crossing Great White Shark with Jamaican Lambsbread. This is found to be a short and potent marijuana strain which would take a high nutrient regime. This particular strain is known to produce a higher flower to leaf ratio. The plant is dark-green colored covered with orange-red colored hairs. The buds that are being produced by this marijuana variety will be heavier, denser and are covered by the snowy coat of crystals and resins. This is an indica blended strain has a subtle smell similar to that of a sweet and sour candy. Although, this is not giving out an impressive flavor, this is good and tolerable. The taste of this strain is more or less like the smell. Sharks Breath is known to have a great THC potential.