Sensi Caps Sleep CBD Softgels with Melatonin (250mg CBD – 40mg Melatonin)


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Sensi Caps Sleep is a 250mg CBD softgel edible infused with melatonin. Each bottle contains 10 softgels with 25mg of CBD each. This CBD edible for sleep is designed specifically to help with insomnia, sleep disorders, and even jet lag from changing time zones. Getting a good nights sleep is one of the most important things we can do for maintaining good health. Melatonin, a natural compound, that has been used safely to help regulate sleep patterns. In addition, melatonin helps people fall asleep and stay asleep. CBD and melatonin complement one another to provide a real solution for those who are sleep deprived. CBD reduces inflammation, pain and stress – Melatonin regulates sleep patterns so a deeper sleep can be achieved. Even when interrupted you can fall back to sleep. Sensi Caps Sleep is a new non-psychoactive edible for sleep. It is recommended for those who prefer CBD, Seniors, and those new to cannabis. Sleep well and wake up refreshed.

  • Infused with 4mg Melatonin per dose to regulate sleep patterns
  • Effects based Insomnia CBD edible, designed for nighttime use
  • 250mg full spectrum CBD cannabis extract
  • 10 Softgels per bottle, 25mg CBD per softgel
  • Low calorie CBD edible, 9 calories per dose
  • Gluten free CBD edible