Presidential Rx CO2 Honey Oil + Kief Prerolls (7 flavors)


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Presidential Rx is committed to quality bud that is long-lasting and delivers a strong, reliable dose with each use. Our OG Kush is infused with OG Kush Hash Oil and rolled in OG Kush Kief. Our all-natural, proprietary CO2 extraction process provides quality, consistency and the ability to serve specific conditions with appropriate dosage.

The presidential pre-roll is an immediate, long-lasting dosage of PRESIDENTIAL Rx hash-infused flower. At presidential, we take pride in our pre-rolls. They burn slow, hit cleanly and are rolled with a filter for the smoothest experience. For the patient on the go, our PRE ROLLS deliver every time.

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Presidential Rx

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  1. BOMB. Presidential are my favorite prerolls. They keep you feeling good for a long time after you smoke. Not like other prerolls that are weak, Presidentials are the best.

  2. Presidentials are my favorite preroll. The hash really makes the difference. You don’t have to smoke a lot in order to get the high sensation and it lasts. It comes in a variety of flavors but my favorite is strawberry.

  3. I ordered the grape and pineapple both were very tasty, smelled great, and got me super high! I love these!

  4. Potent flower in these prerolls. I tried the pineapple cone and it tasted like heaven.

  5. I absolutely love Presidential pre rolls! I get sufficiently medicated off of half the preroll so it’s great to be able to save the other half for later! Definitely recommend!

  6. Presidential Pre-rolls are my favorite. They always burn nicely and the watermelon and strawberry taste delish. Will definitely buy again.

  7. Was introduced to this from a friend and was very satisfied! The pina colda tastes so good and gets me feeling better. Great for sleep (:

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