Bloom Farms PAX Era 500mg Oil Pod – Indica for Nightime (61% THC)


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Era Pods contain a special blend of Bloom Farms cannabis oil, extracted with clean CO2 and made exclusively for PAX Era, an engineering marvel from the industry leaders in innovation. The superior flavor, consistency, and experience you’ve come to expect from Bloom Farms is now available with the cutting-edge technology of the PAX Era, which includes temperature and battery status LED interface, a sleek design, and the PAX Vapor app. Made from the highest quality materials, you never have to worry about the durability of an Era Pod, and thanks to the Era Pods’ smart click technology, enjoying all-natural Bloom Farms cannabis oil has never been this flawless. Welcome to a new Era.

INDICA + NIGHTTIME – Perfect for nighttime, indica provides relaxation and is a powerful tool for promoting a full night’s deep sleep.