Old Man’s Pipe Battery


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These wooden pipe batteries are the perfect piece to spice up your vape pen. This battery uses an effortless intuitive clicking strategy to alter between premium vaping voltages of 3.0V to 4.2V. This gives you total power to vape your concentrates at the voltage YOU prefer and keeps you from worrying about it combusting. The battery power on this is 900mAh so kick your worries to the curb when it comes to running out of juice and being left vape less. It only takes 5 clicks of the power button to turn the battery on and 5 to turn it off. This vape battery is full of surprises and functions. I mean c’mon, it’s shaped like a pipe! How cool is that? It also conveniently comes with a USB charger.


  • Total Height: 45.45mm – Total Length: 40.75mm – Total Diameter: 26.6mm
  • Features: Preheat Function, Rechargeable, Comes with micro-usb cable
  • Green: 3.0V
  • Blue: 3.7V
  • Red: 4.2V