Northern Lights #5 (32.2% THC – 3.6% CBD – premium)

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This premium strain is super potent in terms of THC but also has a high CBD level as well which makes it perfect for those who also want to medicate for any ailments!

Along with Haze and Skunk #1, Northern Lights is among the most influential strains of all time. The #5 strain was first entered into competition in 1989. The strain quickly dominated the Cannabis Cup, winning in ’89, ’90, and ’92.

This strain has a very high CBD content (over 3%) as well as being a powerful THC premium strain.

Looks – You cannot mistake Northern Light strains with any other.

Smell – Rich, Sweet, Pine

Taste – Anyone who has smoked Northern Lights knows just HOW distinct this taste is. Reminds me of camping!

Effects – #5 as opposed to Northern Lights was not the sedative monster I thought it would be; it was a quite functional high. Very clear, euphoric and creative thoughts accompanied by a nice body high that did not hinder my abilities to carry out every day tasks.

Potency – Felt with in 5-10 seconds after exhale. Comes on strong and winds down slowly. 3 to 4hrs

Good Strain For – Muscle Spasms, Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Lack of Apatite, and Arousal (Yes; selected strains make you horny)