Memory Loss (32.8% THC – premium)

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Bud Man has yet again found a new and premier high end strain to add to the already best menu in Orange County! This time it’s a sativa strain that is appropriately called “Memory Loss”.

“Memory loss” is a stupefyingly hard hitting Sativa that brings forth a flavor and aroma that touches on opposite sides of the board. This Amnesia Haze and Face Off combo churns out highly vigorously plants that grow tall and skinny as they stretch for the sky. Quickly filling in their lanky structure in with large amounts of big, spear-shaped buds that are absolutely coated in a super thick layer of bright white trichomes. “Memory Loss” provides it’s user with a strong peppered incense flavor and aroma with an array of bubblegum, guava and other fruity undertones. Then, following her mouthwateringly complex terpene profile is a very psychoactive Sativa high that has the classic Dutch Haze energetic kick mixed almost evenly with the strong West Coast Kush body buzz that will challenge the tolerance of even the best of them.