Mandarin OG

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Mandarin OG, also known as “Mandarin Kush,” is an indica beauty created through crossing the classic Tangerine Haze and OG Kush strains. If you’re looking for a mouthwatering and eye-opening orange flavor, you’ve found it! Mandarin OG brings on the citrus with a juicy orangey flavor accented by a smooth and spicy exhale. The smell is just as addictive, with fresh orange and herbs accented by spicy earth. The Mandarin OG high will open your eyes and lift your spirits after just a few tokes, launching you into a mentally active state. You’ll feel a lifted onset that rushes into your mind and infuses you with a sense of tingly motivation. As this high expands throughout the rest of your body, you’ll find yourself feeling more outgoing and sociable, easily engaging in conversation with those around you. Thanks to these lifted effects and its high THC level and 4-5% CBD level, Mandarin OG is the perfect weed.