KPEN Vape Cartridges v1 – Kurvana (1 gram – 15 options)

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What is Kure made of?

  • 100% Kure Oil™ (purified cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids from cannabis)

Is Kure lab tested?

  • Yes, every batch is at least triple-­‐lab-­‐tested by SC Labs, the Wercshop and other labs. If any test or particular lab’s results are questionable we will retest multiple times, often sending the same sample to multiple labs. It is not uncommon for one batch to undergo over 20 different tests from raw flower material to finished refined oil.

Kure has amazing flavors, but is there anything artificial or unnatural?

  • No, Kure is 100% natural. NO harmful additives. NO artificial flavors.
  • All strains/flavors are created with only essential components directly from our cannabis such as terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids.

Why are Kure products consistent in potency and taste, while other brands vary in quality?

  • Strict quality control, quality assurance, and advanced production programs similar to those of pharmaceutical on biotech companies. In fact, our lead scientists are from top universities.

Does Kure use any butane or other toxic solvents?

  • Kure is 100% Solvent-­‐Free: NO butane or toxic solvents are used at any point in the process; only natural extraction methods

Is Kure cut with PEG or other chemicals, as most of the other cannabis oils are?

  • Pure & uncut: NO PEG, PG, or any other additives.

How are Kure oils so light and, with a low viscosity, without being cut with an additive like PEG?

  • Kure has been the first to develop such advanced and proprietary techniques that produce a light oil, ideal for vaporizing, in a solvent-­‐free 100% natural oil. Cannabis flower as a whole already contains these oils locked deep down inside the plant structure. Through these advanced scientific methods, Kure removes the bad or unwanted parts while leaving only what we believe are the essential components of a quality cannabis oil product. These techniques have been optimized for effects, flavor and delivery with a portable vaporize or dab tool.