KPEN Vape Cartridges v2 – Kurvana (1 gram – 15 options)

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So, what’s new?

Sleek and Lightweight (A)

With its anodized aluminum mouthpiece, slim tank, and stainless steel battery, the new KPEN is simple, stylish, and discreet. Each cartridge still exhibits a colored indicator with the strain acronym on the band to help users recognize which strain they have.

Say Goodbye to Dry Hits (B)

We replaced the side air chamber for centralized oil and air flow within the cartridge, making dry hits a thing of the past. Our new design no longer relies on gravity to coat the wick with oil. As you draw from the new centralized system, the wick is continuously saturated, yielding an intense flavor profile so clear it feels like you are enjoying your favorite KPEN strains for the first time, all over again. To further optimize oil flow, each strain now has an individualized pore size based on its viscosity. The result is a cool, smooth, and simple vape experience, every single time.

Glass Tank (C)

A glass tank provides non-reactive and reliable high-heat resistance. Made with pyrex glass, the device is as durable as glass can be.

Dual-Coil System (D)

With an ultra-sonically treated dual-coil system and updated pore design to increase airflow, there is 2x the vapor production and milligrams of dosage per draw. Our new KPEN gently heats Kurvana oil at an optimal temperature, auto-adjusting the power applied to the coil system. The dual-coil system generates a greater production of vapor and increased vapor density than the average vape pen. Each draw from our new KPEN is double the milligrams of cannabinoids, compared to our former KPEN. Similarly, the new system amplifies our classic, true-to-strain taste.