King’s Bread

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King’s Bread or King’s Breath is a pure sativa strain. King’s Bread is not for the faint of heart. The strain produces some of the finest buds which are shaped like fingerlings. Not only are they hairy but they are quite frosty at the same time. The nuggets are green in color with hues of light brown and purple. It smells citrusy, minty and sweet with cheese undertones. Just like the smell it does have a citrus and minty taste but the cheese is a bit more noticeable. The strain offers a light body buzz with a clear headed high which is unusual considering it is a sativa strain. Moreover, you will feel mellow and euphoric which is perfect if you plan to smoke it in the afternoon. Even though you feel relaxed, the strain will not knock you out. You will find it easier to focus and will be able to functional normally without acting out of place. However, smoking the strain in high doses can make you lazy and in turn is perfect for insomnia as well.