Heavy Hitters Ultra Extract Vape Cartridge (2 grams – 1 option)

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A legendary vape cart reimagined and refined to deliver an all-day experience. The Heavy Hitters 2-gram Ultra cart packs a 2000mg cannabinoid blend delivering an uplifting, functional, and full-spectrum experience. With 55% THC for that perfect high, 15% THCV for energizing clarity, 10% CBC to enhance your mood, and 10% of both CBG and CBD for overall well-being, this is the vape cart for those who demand more.

  • 510 Thread
  • Resurrecting the 2G: the most THC you can find in a vape
  • Crafted from top-tier indoor flower extracted within 60 days of harvest
  • An Ultra blend for all-day use: 55% THC, 15% THCV, 10% CBD, 10% CBC, and 10% CBG