Heavy Hitters STLTH Cannabis Tabs (3 options)


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Enter Heavy Hitters STLH Tabs. Harnessing patented fast-acting technology that uses only two, all-natural, food-grade ingredients, our Tabs deliver an efficient, functional experience that feels more like smoking whole flower than ingesting an edible. STLTH Tabs protect the delicate cannabinoids and terpenes to deliver a predictable, precise, and faster onset with a true cannabis-derived user experience.

  • Available in 10 count tabs or 100 count tabs
  • Up to 8x faster onset than traditional edibles (~10 minutes)
  • A flower-like high that mirrors the effects of smoking
  • Cannabis without the calories, gluten, or sugar


  • Each Tab is amplified with 10MG THC, 3MG THCV & 25MG Caffeine


  • Each Tab is loaded with 10MG THC, 5MG CBN & 3MG Melatonin