Heal It Hemp Healing Salve – Gemstonz (40mg CBD)


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CBD wound salve, Heal It, contains a natural antibiotic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties.  It can be used for minor burns, cuts, scrapes, insect bites, rashes, cat scratches, gnarly zits, and more.

Shaving nicks cause bleeding that just won’t stop.  Heal It stops the bleeding.

Natural compounds and whole plant-based extracts aid the body in healing itself, repairing damage, and soothing skin irritations.   It is chemical, parabens, and petroleum-free.  Infused with 40mg Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD reduces inflammation and pain rapidly.

Directions: Apply to the affected area as needed.

Ingredients: Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Bee’s Wax, Vitamin E Oil, Plantain Leaf, Comfrey Leaf, Rosemary Leaf,  Echinacea Root Powder, Yarrow Flowers, Hempseed Oil, Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD Extract.