Granola Bar – Buddha’s Best Edibles (300mg THC)


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Granola Bar

Ingredients: Granola, rolled oat, raisins, nuts, egg cran-raisins, chopped dates, brown sugar, honey wheat germ, salt, vanilla extract, cannabutter.

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Buddha's Best


  1. I like this because it’s a great healthy option as opposed to an extremely sweet bar. It tastes very fresh too! It’s also really strong!

  2. Very yummy! I love that this tastes fantastic and it makes me feel healthy, even though I’m munching out on an edible hehe ^_^ anyways, it’s super delicious. I have yet to try the other Buddha’s Best edible here. Highly recommend!

  3. Buddha’s Best edibles give me the most enjoyable high. My mood improves within 30 minutes and my appetite increases, which is awesome because I am usually not hungry. Granola bar is the best flavor in my opinion, give it a try!

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